Monday, September 19, 2011

A Heartbreaking Hotty Toddy Weekend...

So my weekend was fabulous....other than the terrible football played by my rebels and the heartbreaking loss of the was good.... :)

Friday we watched the 2 ugliest teams in the SEC play each other....Mississippi State and LSU....our two biggest rivals. If I had to pick one, it would be LSU...and they won...woo hoo!!
 Only time I will ever be happy about corn dog smelling tigers winning.
Here is a pic of The Hubs with the sweet baby girl watching it! :)
 Friday night we hung out at the house while I could dinner, we had this Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Pork loin, sliced red potatoes with Omaha steak seasoning (soooo good on potatoes!), and this a Crunchy Broccoli Toss salad....soooo yummy!!

Then, Saturday we were up bright and early, mimosas at 8:30!! We had a parking pass to a garage over looking the stadium....check out the view from our soon as we got their The Rebels were arriving...

 That's Coach Nutt at the bottom left walking the field....I hope he gets better....I don't want them to fire him....
 Me and T-Word!
 Taylor and her cute! :)
 Me and The good does he look in that shirt?! :) I am proud that was all him! :)
 Me and Clayton!! And Taylor.... :)
 I made these jello shot things I saw on pinterest 

 not so pretty after they melted some....but there were yummy and a fabulous way to take a jello shot! :)
I could help but take pictures....he looked so damn good in that shirt!! :)
 Damn right, Frank!! :) Love this!
 Some of the spread....
 Yes, we even had cups! :)
We stayed until the 3rd heart couldn't take anymore.

We then went to tailgate a bit more before heading to Sam's to watch the TN game....which didn't turn out too well either....
So was a rough weekend in our household....but overall was a great weekend. Great friends, great food, great weather....much too short are most! :) 

And this week will be the longest ever as by the end of it we will be in MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Katie said...

How did the jello shots turn out?! were they pretty simple to make?! I might make them in a couple weeks :)

We lost was SO UGLY. WAH.

My Life as A Plate said...

I absolutely LOVE those Jello shots, they look so much easier to take, do you have the recipe/instructions?!?!! I love the rainbow colors they looks so pretty

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I love those jello definitely know how to tailgate :)

Fashion Meets Food said...

Oh my word how cute are those jello shots! I am definitely making them for tailgating this weekend!