Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday loves and Pinterest Loves!

Happy Wednesday Ladies!!

First Some Pinterest love....
 Now, how you reckon you do this?!
 Could quite possibly be the cutest costume...ever!
 I wanna have dinner here, please.
Love the wrap the most!
Very very true!! 
I mean, look at this little face! I love beagles!!
And this little guy!
 I love this wreath...I need one for the Fall...should I make it?
 Or maybe this one?
 Okay on to a few loves...

LOVING my new ellipitical The Hubby got me! :) It is so quiet and so awesome!

I am loving that I am going to get a much needed mani pedi tomorrow in preparation for our trip! 

I am loving these new Essie Fall colors....speaking of, check out one of my fave blogs, A Wedding Story...she's doing a give-a-way! :) 

 I am always loving these fabulous people (my folks), but am especially loving them today because of something HUGE that happened to them...more on that later... :)

And I have I mentioned that Mexico is just a few short days away? Cause I'm loving that!! :)

I am always loving my puppies....

And The Hubby!!
(our trip to Cabo a few years ago...)
That's all folks!! Happy Wednesday!!


Hilliary Meisner said...

I love the new fall Essie Colors!

Katiern827 said...

The little peacock costume is to die for! My hubby got me an elliptical a few years ago...don't you just love being able to work out from home? Have a happy Wednesday!

Laura said...

i wanna go with you to get a pedi/mani tomorrow!
YEAH for your parents!!!

Elizabeth | The Blush Magnolia said...

I love the gray and black outfit! So perfect for fall!

BeckyJo606 said...

The peacock baby costume is too much for me to handle!!! I love it!! :)

Unknown said...

love that outfit! the gray jacket is awesome!

Katie said...

I wonder what the parents thing is?! Interesting haha Billy loves beagles too...his childhood beagle just passed away last yr. so sad. They are good dogs!

jessica said...

you should definitely make that wreath!!

i'm totally jealous of your ellipitical and your trip to mexico.
great loves.

Bebe said...

You are beautiful! Happy Wednesday :) Keep on being positive.

Pamela said...

cute blog!! :) Mexico!? Jealous. ha the picture looks amazing! We just got back from the Bahamas, & I am ready to go back!

Anonymous said...

I love those fall wreaths! You should definitely make one and then let me know how easy it was so I can make one too!!

I love reading your blog!

Be sure to check out my first giveaway!


amanda said...

I love beagles, that picture of your puppy beagle made my day. Wish you the best.