Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Randomness on this Lovely Tuesday

Okay, I really don't have a solid point to this post....just a bunch of randoms....

1. I am absolutely LOVING this Nashville weather!!! I had to let my pup out at 4 this morning.....and it was cold....LOVE! And I can sit on my patio and not get bit by mosquitoes or sweat... LOVE! And I can wear light little sweaters...LOVE!
2. I love my husband, even when I wanna slap him...I love him.

3. I watched this show last night.... 

and LOVED it! 
I loved her on RHONJ and was super sad when she left. This show is event planning on crack....I mean if I didn't have a budget planning a party....well, let's just say I would be a happy happy girl...and want my own TV show! :) 

4. I also watched The Bachelor Pad
...again...all 2 hours of it...such a train wreck. 
Melissa is crazy...Blake is mean and sleazy, but he does have a point when he says he knows why she is single...it was a kiss, one night....not a relationship.
Vienna, get over it. If he is so terrible, stop talking about him and just be happy in your new relationship.
Gia, poor thing....glad she left though....classy move.
Why is the whole house allowing the crazies to run it?! Why?! Tell Vienna and Kasey to shut the hell up! Ugh!
Jackie and Ames (who he seems a little off....) good for you, get out while you can! 
Chris Harrison, I love you....and I love that you put Vienna in her place and telling her the door was open and she could leave.....and that you screwed things up for them....and that you make fun of your own show! HA!

5. I went to the roller derby here in Nashville this weekend.....
Yes, the roller derby...and man was it interesting!!
Here they are stretching....

 aaaaand go!

 My pin showing my support for one of my favorite names... Killah B. Killed.
The best part was all the names! It was definitely entertaining and made for a fun night! :) 

6. Work is wearing on me this week....I am pooped....I need a vacay! Less than 6 weeks and then a whole lotta this.....

7. I am thinking it is time for a new blog design....any ideas?!

8. My dogs make me smile. A lot!
Look at little punkin sleeping on my legs....
 And this is my folks pups, our pups and my grandmas pup all waiting patiently for a treat! :)
9. I want a new front door....please refer to the above picture. I want a dark charcoal or black with 4 square window panes....mkay?!

That is all for today....love you all! :)


Katie said...

I do NOT understand why the girls didn't all gang up on Vienna and vote her out?!!!!

Her and Casey are SO awful! I felt bad for Gia too.

asj said...

love this random post - I am excited to watch the train wreck of Bachelor Pad later today... ridiculous!

also, "I love my husband, even when I wanna slap him...I love him." = story of my life. haha. and I do want to slap him, quite often.

Mary and Dyer said...

Bachelor Par is insane! I almost might stop watching it because I can't take how it is the 'Vienna and Kasey' show. They are so mean, they really ruined the show!

Hope you have had the chance to enter our Tiffany & Co. giveaway!


Jess said...

I def. Think there is something "off" about Ames. Oh, and Kasey and Vienna deserve each other...they are both crazies!!! Doesnt stop me from watching ;)