Monday, August 1, 2011

My weekend....

It's Monday...again...and I am sleeeeeeeeeepy today! 
What is it about Sunday nights that I can't sleep!? It never fails...I toss and turn until after midnight and then I wake up cranky...WTF Sunday nights?!
 Any who, I had a great and relaxing weekend. Friday night we cooked at the house, had a few friends over.. I made that amazing Spicy Rigatoni again but added a few tweaks.
I left out the peas (bleh) but added saute bell peppers and onions, and they were delightful! I love they way my kitchen smells with sauteed peppers!! :)
 Here is the sauce: sauteed garlic, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, 3/4 cup of red sauce and 1/2 cup of alfredo sauce...mmmmm!!!
Add chicken cook into mixture until chicken is cooked thoroughly and then add pasta! Mmmmmm! We had that along with a crunchy romaine toss salad that is AMAZING!! I will have to post the recipe later this week, you will LOVE IT!

Then Saturday, me and T-Word attempted to lay by the between the while it wasn't that sunny until about 2:30, it wasn't sweltering either! We then went back to our house again to start on the preparations for the baby shower this weekend and cook a yummy steak dinner!

Here is a preview of the craftiness we got into! :)
And our hands after....I had to paint my nails pink yesterday so my fingers looked normal! HA! 

But we are all getting together on Wednesday night to get everything done for the shower...lots of craftiness that I can't wait to see come together and to share with all of you! :)

Then, yesterday the hubs and I had a day full of running errands. Started with lunch at McDougals (The hubs loooooves his chicken wings! :) Then we headed to home depot to start looking at tubs and tile for our bathroom. 

See when the people that lived there before us remodeled the bathroom they bought this really expensive jacuzzi tub and plastic back wall thing with glass doors....well, it was never installed correctly, the jacuzzi never worked, the 2 pieces don't connect and the hubs has re-caulked it about a dozen times with no success, and the shower doors never stayed on track and created nastiness in the we took those off months ago and added a shower long story short, the hubs has had it and wants to rip it out and start again! We have a friend that is an amazing handy man along with being on of the hubs' childhood friends (he actually just started making his own furniture, check out his shop on etsy here) and he can do all of the install for us. He actually did our back-splash in our kitchen see here
Oh my goodness, I cannot imagine not having that now! :)

So we are both very pumped about this. I absolutely ADORE white subway tile and I am so excited to be putting it in!! :) And the only thing we really have to worry about is picking out a tub....I want very clean lines to go with the very clean lines of subway tile. What do you think about these 2?
Oh the joys of being grown up! 
We finished up the evening with leftovers and lazy time on the couch! I watched this new show...which is extremely entertaining...
along with Jerseylicious (terrible!)
and Entourage....
I heart Ari Gold....and I want him and Mrs. Ari Gold to get back together!! :) 
I have a DVR at home waiting with RH of New Jersey and True Blood...oh how I love Sunday nights!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!! And have an even better week that flies by!! :)


Katie said...

Ooh what is Big Rich Texas about? And what channel?

Mandy said...

That looks delicious. Could you send me the recipe for it?