Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun little game....

This or That

I  found this game over at Katie's blog (if you don't already follower her you should...she is fabulous as is her blog!) and thought it would be a fun little post for a Friday. Please feel free to play along, copy and paste, and let me know....I would love to hear other answers!! :) 

1. Tribal or Aztec? Ummm, lets go with Tribal...

2. Girly or boho? I love both to be honest. I would say for work I am extremely girly, but for the weekend I looooove the boho style! 

 3. Floral or paisley? I am loving all the floral prints going on, kinda over paisley.

4. Chunky or single bracelet? Definitely chunky! I love the layered look, I cannpot wear my watch without at least one bracelet...normally 3+ and I love the big chunky layered look too!

5. Layered or single necklace? Hmmm, I love the layered look....but it has to be done right, don't take it too far ladies! :)
See this good layering all around...

6. Nude pumps or red heels? Most definitely nude pumps, I have 1 pair of peep toe and 2 pair of patent leather nude, why 2 you ask? I got one pair the end of last year and tripped while walking down Printers Alley here in Nashville and scuffed one of them up. I about cried. So I went and bought another pair of the exact same for going out and one for work! :) I love them, I hope they never go out of style!!!


7. Voluminous or lengthening mascara? Hmmm, this is hard for me as I am a mascara whore, yes you read that correctly. I have about 7 different mascaras in my bag at any given time. My reason you ask? I have blonde eyelashes so I have to wear a lot...and it is the only piece of make-up I won't leave the house without. I use at least 2 a for volume and one for you see, I really can't answer this, that was a lot of information....
my current fav

8. Smashbox or NARS?  I am going to go with Smashbox, I have way too much fun with it! :)

9. Foundation or tinted moisturizer? Neither, I use poweder once in the morning...

10. Cream blush or benetint?  definitely not the cream, i like a light powder

11. Liquid liner or gel liner? whats the one in the pot? that's the one I use...and I love it!  


12. Highlighting or contour? Highlight your features! :) 
13. Sephora or Ulta? Sephora, I try not to go in's dangerous....

14. CVS or Walgreens? I used to be a big Walgreens girl, but there is a CVS really close to my house....and they have Essie nail polish...and lots of fun make-up...and it's really close

15. Touch up stick or liquid concealer? Liquid please.

16. Tanning mousse or tanning bed? niether, airbrush please! :)


17. Feathers or no feathers? I like the feathers....I kinda want one...I wonder how the corporate world would like them....

18. Curling wand or curling iron? I actually bought a curling wand and it is kinda tricky at first but I like it. The problem is the one I bought goes from fat to skinny at the end and I have too much har so then I get those really tight little I want a bigger one now that I have it kind of mastered.

19. Flat iron or blow dryer? How can you choose between these?!!?

20. Messy bun or ponytail? Messy Bun! :)

21. Braid or fishtail? Braid, love me some braids!! 

 Happy Weekend!!


Meggan of Lila Grace said...

I love girly and boho too, so I typically combine both! :) Love this post!

Katie said...

I love all your answers girly, and that you played along! You can hide the feathers so easily if you are concerned about your work. People at mine barely notice mine sometimes. You should get one :) they are fun.

Have a good day!!