Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Day "YOU" Challenge - Day 6: Five Foods - and a fabulous new blog!

Happy Tuesday!

I had a bit of road rage this morning so I am a little cranky....so I will have to read all of your lovely little blogs to put me in a better mood! :)

So, 2 things before we get on to the challenge for the day....

1. Did all of you watch "Bachelor Pad" last night?
Michael was breaking my heart....poor sweet sweet guy! 
I really don't know how I feel about Holly now....she keeps saying he walked away from her, but is she forgetting that she called off their engagement?!?! And now she is messing around with Blake?! 
Who I don't know how I feel about....is he sleazy? Is he in love? Is he greedy for the money? I just don't know.......what I do know is, Melissa is crazy....and I am so glad she is gone, she was wearing me out. Kasey and Vienna, I say again...why do these people have so much control for everyone in the house?!
Needless to say, Bachelor Pad never fails to entertain!

2. My BFF, Laura, that you have all heard me talk so much about (mentioned here, here, here, and here......just to name a few) has started her own blog, Loving Life in Love!! YAY!! So please go check her out and send her some love!!
Now on to the challenge...food!

1. French Fries....we mentioned this earlier....I have a total weakness.
2. Sushi, but it has to be the good sushi, my favorite here in Nashville is Tenno....so freaking good!
3. Pizza...any kind excluding pineapple & anchovies....anything else I can pick off. Sam's Sports Bar in Hillsboro Village has the best, Cajun Pepperoni....uggghh, I want some now!! 
4. Salad, any and all kinds....I have a salad with just about every meal.
5. My mom's peach angel food cake....she does a pineapple one too....oh my goodness do I love it!!
And I have to add in candy and popcorn....they are more like addictions..... :) 


Ashley said...

I just posted about Bach Pad. I love it hehe ... I agree Melissa is crazzzyy!! and Holly and Micheal just need to be together (I think) ... those french fries look SO YUM!

jessica said...

omg that pizza looks so freaking good. that's the best kind too. greasy and cheesy

My Life as A Plate said...

Pizza and frenchfries are my weakness too!!! I can always resist sweets but never french fries or pizza, I'm a salt fanatic :)

Hilliary Meisner said...

Peach angel food cake sounds amazing!!

asj said...

I cant wait to watch the Bach Pad, it's such trash but I just can't help but get sucked in! ALSO, I could live off of french fries and pizza for every meal. I would probably weigh 599 pounds but it just might be worth it!

Nellie Ty said...

Love Bachelor Pad! I didn't catch it last night, I'll have to Hulu it... my best friend hahah! No DVR at college, it's rough! We have basically the exact same favorite foods except your moms peach angel food cake which sounds absolutely amazing. Jealous!! Btw I think I'm you're newest follower!!

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