Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Day "YOU" Challenge - Day 3: Eight Fears

Today's list is  
Top 8 Fears
1. Snakes...without a doubt my biggest fear in the world. It's unhealthy how terrified I am.
2. Someone breaking into our house while we are asleep. I have nightmares about it. The Hubs got an alarm system put in to ease my helps.
3. Pregnancy, not the acutual pregnancy but keeping the baby if/when I do get pregnant. I had some issues a while back, or so I was told, that would make it hard for me to carry a baby. I have been told recently that am 100% able, but that fear stays with me.
4. We spoke of this yesterday...feet...they gross me out! :)
5. Losing my parents, they are the best in the world!
6. Small confined spaces
7. Dark parking lots/garages...I need an escort please and thank you. 
8.  Blood....I can deal with a little....too much and I will pass out after I freak out (I'm a poet and didn't know it!).


jessica said...

i was riding my bike on sunday and a snake jumped outta the bushes right at me. i screamed at the top of my lungs!!

snakes are scary!

Melissa said...

I freak myself out about people breaking in when Steven's gone overnight. Any noise can get me going...

Jess said...

Snakes, someone breaking in, and feet. I'm right there with ya sister!