Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A few loves and pintrest loves...

First my loves....
I am loving that SEC football starts tomorrow night!!

 Which means Ole Miss football starts Saturday!! HOTTY TODDY!!!!
I am also loving these fabulous little snacks....super light and yummy!
I am also loving watching Newlyweds....I needed something to entertain me while on the elliptical every evening and my lovely SIL gave me here 2 seasons to borrow and man are they entertaining! This is before reality TV got all crazy....poor little airhead Jessica! :) I do love her though!
I am really loving this website my BFF showed funny...she cracks on some of the off the wall crazy fashion choices Forever 21 makes.... I highly recommend for a good laugh!
Now on to a few pintrest loves...

I believe I need these...
 This would be perfect for an Ole Miss game (swap the orange for red) and a UT game (swap the blue for white)!
 Totally doing this!
 True statement.
 Sweet baby!
 I just love this...the colors, the idea, its fabulous!
 Great storage idea!
 Too precious...I believe I will have this!
 Love everything.

Those are all my loves!

Happy Wednesday!!

10 Day "YOU" Challenge - Day 7 & 8: 4 Books & 3 Films

Four Books:
1. The Help
I don't think I need to explain this one with all the hype....but it really is amazing!

2. Marley and Me
 I got this book on Christmas Day and finished 3 days later...I couldn't put it down...and I sobbed like a baby and held my Otto for hours (we didn't have Maylie yet or I would have done the same with her). Book was WAY better than the movie.

3. Dixieland Delight

Explains everything that is fabulous and amazing of the SEC. If you are a college football fan, especially SEC, I highly recommend you read it!

4. Where The Sidewalk Ends....just reminds me of being a kid! :)
I am not a huge reader so these are the best in the world....just my faves! :)

Three Films:
Okay this one was kind of hard for me as I love movies. There are so many movies I love, Anchorman, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Father of the Bride, Casino, A Lot Like Love, Dumb and Dumber, Beaches, Steel Magnolias, Elizabethtown, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Closer, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Father of the Bride, Pretty Woman, The Blind Side....oh so many!! ......but I have narrowed it down to 3 in different categories that I watch every time they are on....
The Departed....
I love Martin Scorsese movies and this one is the best.The cast, the plot, everything, so good!
The Notebook.....
I have a feeling that this will be on a lot of people's lists. It is without a doubt one of the best love stories, and I adore the leading couple...Rachel McAdams is on of my favorites!
Almost Famous....
One of our favorite movies in college...watched it over and over....I can still quote every line to this movie. I love the cast, love the story, love the music, love it all!!

Only 2 more days left....are ya'll tired of hearing all about me yet?!?! :) 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Day "YOU" Challenge - Day 6: Five Foods - and a fabulous new blog!

Happy Tuesday!

I had a bit of road rage this morning so I am a little I will have to read all of your lovely little blogs to put me in a better mood! :)

So, 2 things before we get on to the challenge for the day....

1. Did all of you watch "Bachelor Pad" last night?
Michael was breaking my heart....poor sweet sweet guy! 
I really don't know how I feel about Holly now....she keeps saying he walked away from her, but is she forgetting that she called off their engagement?!?! And now she is messing around with Blake?! 
Who I don't know how I feel he sleazy? Is he in love? Is he greedy for the money? I just don't know.......what I do know is, Melissa is crazy....and I am so glad she is gone, she was wearing me out. Kasey and Vienna, I say again...why do these people have so much control for everyone in the house?!
Needless to say, Bachelor Pad never fails to entertain!

2. My BFF, Laura, that you have all heard me talk so much about (mentioned here, here, here, and here......just to name a few) has started her own blog, Loving Life in Love!! YAY!! So please go check her out and send her some love!!
Now on to the!

1. French Fries....we mentioned this earlier....I have a total weakness.
2. Sushi, but it has to be the good sushi, my favorite here in Nashville is freaking good!
3. Pizza...any kind excluding pineapple & anchovies....anything else I can pick off. Sam's Sports Bar in Hillsboro Village has the best, Cajun Pepperoni....uggghh, I want some now!! 
4. Salad, any and all kinds....I have a salad with just about every meal.
5. My mom's peach angel food cake....she does a pineapple one too....oh my goodness do I love it!!
And I have to add in candy and popcorn....they are more like addictions..... :) 

Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Day "YOU" Challenge - Day 5: Six Places & My weekend

Happy Monday, can't believe it is already Monday...but let's embrace it, shall we?! :)
I had a good weekend....Friday, went to my BFF's for dinner and drinks with some fabulous people...including this adorable little nugget! :)
Then headed home where the hubs had some other fabulous people hanging out. 
Saturday I went to the pool where I proceeded to get a lot of sun on the left side of my body but not so much on the was pretty entertaining! 
Saturday night we went to a wedding where I failed to get any pictures (I am TOTALLY slacking!!) but here is one pic of the reception,

it was absolutely beautiful and the weather was perfect!! Sunday morning The Hubs and I popped out of bed and went to a mini family reunion for his side of the family, it was short and sweet and good food! We then, (we being the two of us, my brother and sister-in-law, and my in-laws, my grandma in-law) all went out to the family farm to do some country things! :) We played on their new toy, it's one of the "gator" a golf cart on steroids.....chatted on the swing in the back, did some target shooting, and my mother-in-law showed me what she is doing to the house to get it renovated for us. It was a delightful way to spend the beautiful day! We wrapped it up with pizza and wings from Sam's Sports Bar (best pizza in the world!) and some Jersey Shore and VMAs. And can I just say that Jersey Shore was a let down....they made it seem like the boys got in a big ol' fight....but really Mike did it to himself.....which is actually fitting. But I am about over Jersey Shore...
And the VMAs, what was the deal with Lady Gaga?! I mean the whole thing was kinda creepy....and very annoying....thoughts?! And I am not happy that Katy Perry beat out Adele in at least 2 catergories....seriously folks?! How can you even compare the two?! You got one talking about getting drunk last Friday night not remembering if she had a mena che twa....and the other is singing beautilf lyrics about a heartbreak hoping she will find love one day....can you tell Katy Perry's music drives me nuts????
Anyway that was my weekend, hope you all had a delightful one! Here's to the short week this week and next.....and in between a long weekend!!
Here is my challenge for today....

1. Santorini, Greece....definitely my top. I want to sit along the white and blue houses drinking a glass of vino watching the sunset with The Hubs!
2. Europe, all of it....London, Dublin, Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, Prague, Madrid, Berlin, Cannes, Monte Carlo...and yes, I know Greece is in Europe, but that is my number one! 
3. Turks & Caicos....I mean look at it!
4. The Hamptons or Martha's Vineyard....I just love the beautiful beach homes there....I want one. 
5. Napa Valley, need I explain?
6. Arizona, I have never been and think a spa there would be delightful!!

there are several others....but these are the first that popped to mind...

Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Day "YOU" Challenge - Day 4: Seven Wants

1. I want to be my own boss. I would love to own my own store, I would love to own one of those cute little stores with perfect gifts, personalizing, jewelry, paintings, stationary, and all that fabulous stuff!
2. I want to have one boy, one girl, and possibly another boy.
3. I want to travel more, I have to accept that once we start a family it will be a while before we do all the traveling we want.... but hopefully we will be like my parents one day and travel all the time!
4. I want a new car....I love my car, but The Hubs and I looked at the new Jeep Grand Cherokees....and I am in love!
5. I want to have the drive to work out more. I want to be one of those people that wakes up and at 6am, jumps out of bed into my tennis shoes and runs 2 miles. Everyday.
6. I want to win the lottery.....then I can travel with my babies and parents, have my store, get a personal trainer, a buy my Jeep...and maybe an Audi or 2..... :) 

And if any of you are on the East Coast, please be safe, I am saying some prayers for everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Day "YOU" Challenge - Day 3: Eight Fears

Today's list is  
Top 8 Fears
1. Snakes...without a doubt my biggest fear in the world. It's unhealthy how terrified I am.
2. Someone breaking into our house while we are asleep. I have nightmares about it. The Hubs got an alarm system put in to ease my helps.
3. Pregnancy, not the acutual pregnancy but keeping the baby if/when I do get pregnant. I had some issues a while back, or so I was told, that would make it hard for me to carry a baby. I have been told recently that am 100% able, but that fear stays with me.
4. We spoke of this yesterday...feet...they gross me out! :)
5. Losing my parents, they are the best in the world!
6. Small confined spaces
7. Dark parking lots/garages...I need an escort please and thank you. 
8.  Blood....I can deal with a little....too much and I will pass out after I freak out (I'm a poet and didn't know it!).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10-Day "You" Challenge - 9 Loves

Day 2 of the Challenge (same day for me :)), 

9 Loves
Okay I love my Hubby, my family & friends, my dogs, God....that is a given, right? So here are 9 other loves....

1. French Fries. They are always my weakness, I will get a healthy salad and then a side of fries....
2. The beach, there is nothing better then staring that beach with a cold cocktail in hand.
3. Vino, red to be specific....that is gonna be hard when I do get pregnant....I love a good glass of wine!
4. Cooking, would never have made me believe that 5 years ago....
5. The Square and The Grove in Oxford, MS....seriously one of my favorite places in the entire world.

6. The fact that I am going to Mexico for our 2nd anniversary celebration one month from today!!!
7. When all the laundry is done, folded and put in its place.
8. Getting a mani/pedi, you just feel pretty after wards!
9. Having someone tickling my back, my mom use to do it to put me to sleep when I was little and I still love it! same with playing with my hair.
Okay, that's 2! I found all of this here btw, at Leggings are Not Pants if you want to catch up and play along! :) 
See you tomorrow!!

10-Day Blogger Challenge

Hi Ladies!!

I have been slacking this week... I know...but I am going to catch up today with 2 posts! Yes, 2! I know you are all dying with excitement!:) 

I want to play along with a few blogs I follow on the 10-Day "You" Challenge.
I slacked yesterday (yes, we already discussed this) so that will be my first,

10 Secrets about me
1. I have a slight addiction to candy, it's a problem. Yet I have never had a cavity.
2. I still wish The Hubs and I had lived in a loft in a city somewhere...preferably Chicago.
3. I hate beans, refried, pinto, baked...all of 'em! Except green.
4. I have a serious foot phobia, I hate them. Hate them. I will run away screaming.
5. I am ready to be a mom (okay, that isn't really a secret... :))
6. I think my dream job would be a liquor sales rep....I love territory sales and I loved working at a of both worlds!
7. I wore glasses until I was 11....I need them now but refuse.... I even bought some D&G ones thinking that would make me want to wear them....I don't.
8. I wanna be my parents when I grow up.
9. I have lived in 8 states, 7 before I was 11.
10. I dream for the day when I can have a craft room full of fun-ness (yes, I made that up). I see those rooms on pinterest and get very jealous! :)

So those are my 10 secrets...the one 10 I have in the world! :) :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun little game....

This or That

I  found this game over at Katie's blog (if you don't already follower her you should...she is fabulous as is her blog!) and thought it would be a fun little post for a Friday. Please feel free to play along, copy and paste, and let me know....I would love to hear other answers!! :) 

1. Tribal or Aztec? Ummm, lets go with Tribal...

2. Girly or boho? I love both to be honest. I would say for work I am extremely girly, but for the weekend I looooove the boho style! 

 3. Floral or paisley? I am loving all the floral prints going on, kinda over paisley.

4. Chunky or single bracelet? Definitely chunky! I love the layered look, I cannpot wear my watch without at least one bracelet...normally 3+ and I love the big chunky layered look too!

5. Layered or single necklace? Hmmm, I love the layered look....but it has to be done right, don't take it too far ladies! :)
See this good layering all around...

6. Nude pumps or red heels? Most definitely nude pumps, I have 1 pair of peep toe and 2 pair of patent leather nude, why 2 you ask? I got one pair the end of last year and tripped while walking down Printers Alley here in Nashville and scuffed one of them up. I about cried. So I went and bought another pair of the exact same for going out and one for work! :) I love them, I hope they never go out of style!!!


7. Voluminous or lengthening mascara? Hmmm, this is hard for me as I am a mascara whore, yes you read that correctly. I have about 7 different mascaras in my bag at any given time. My reason you ask? I have blonde eyelashes so I have to wear a lot...and it is the only piece of make-up I won't leave the house without. I use at least 2 a for volume and one for you see, I really can't answer this, that was a lot of information....
my current fav

8. Smashbox or NARS?  I am going to go with Smashbox, I have way too much fun with it! :)

9. Foundation or tinted moisturizer? Neither, I use poweder once in the morning...

10. Cream blush or benetint?  definitely not the cream, i like a light powder

11. Liquid liner or gel liner? whats the one in the pot? that's the one I use...and I love it!  


12. Highlighting or contour? Highlight your features! :) 
13. Sephora or Ulta? Sephora, I try not to go in's dangerous....

14. CVS or Walgreens? I used to be a big Walgreens girl, but there is a CVS really close to my house....and they have Essie nail polish...and lots of fun make-up...and it's really close

15. Touch up stick or liquid concealer? Liquid please.

16. Tanning mousse or tanning bed? niether, airbrush please! :)


17. Feathers or no feathers? I like the feathers....I kinda want one...I wonder how the corporate world would like them....

18. Curling wand or curling iron? I actually bought a curling wand and it is kinda tricky at first but I like it. The problem is the one I bought goes from fat to skinny at the end and I have too much har so then I get those really tight little I want a bigger one now that I have it kind of mastered.

19. Flat iron or blow dryer? How can you choose between these?!!?

20. Messy bun or ponytail? Messy Bun! :)

21. Braid or fishtail? Braid, love me some braids!! 

 Happy Weekend!!