Friday, July 29, 2011


Seriously, TGIF!!
This week has worn me out, today has stressed me out and I am ready to peace out of work and go home with my pups and hubby and a big glass of vino!

I thought I would share this since I know so many of you love The Real Housewives like I do. I just watched the first part of RHONY reunion....and my gawd those women are obnoxious!! I loved Andy Cohen and when he  yelled at everyone, but my favorite is when Kelly said "I have to be the mediator!" and Andy looked at her and said, "Buy your not, YOUR NOT." in the bitchiest tone ever! I loved it! :) 

Here is a video they put together....

Crazy and obnoxious ladies!! Ramona I think is the worst...bringing up the cheating and Luann's kids! I'm not a fan of Luann, but come on Ramona!! I am sitting here trying to think about who is the better one....but they are ALL crazy! But yet......I still watch! :) 

Happy Weekend Ladies!!


Molly said...

Good lord, they were OUT of control! Especially Ramona. And Kelly- as delusional as ever.

Klein Dot Co said...

My husband just can't understand why I love the housewives shows but hate confrontations! ; ) I actually felt bad for Alex- she could never get her words in, Sonja and LuAnn just dismissed her : \ I mean, they're ALL crazy though so it's relative ; )

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog this afternoon, and love that the first post I see is about Housewives. I have no idea why I am so addicted to these crazy ladies, but I spent waaay too much time engrossed in their lives.

Kenj said...

I feel that the housewives are too much now. Bitchier than ever. I am so done with these ladies.