Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My love affair with Bravo

Heeeeelllloo Ladies! So while I am home sick....yet again (seriously, my immune system hates me), I am noticing how many shows I love that are on the fabulous channel that is Bravo. I never noticed how so many of my favorites are on one channel....

First, lets start with "Flipping Out"
He is crazy, he yells, he has temper tantrums....but he has amazing taste and has happy hour at the office....I wanna work there.

Next up, "Million Dollar Decorators"
These people are a little extreme....$16,000 for a side table? $800 for a lamp? But nonetheless, they are oh so entertaining! 

'Platinum Hit"
I started watching this because a girl I work with is/was on it....but it is really good. I couldn't write a song if my life depended on it, so it amazes me how they write something from nothing in a matter of hours!

And starting soon...."The Rachel Zoe Project"
Love Brad....sad that I believe the rumors are true and he won't be on the new season :(....but I am looking forward to seeing the new parents with their baby boy! :) 

"Pregnant In Heels"
As I mentioned when this show started, I had no desire to watch some crazy rich women demand crazy things.....but it was actually really funny! Rosie is hysterical and put these special women in their place! 

"Kell on Earth"
I don't know that this show is on anymore...but man was this woman bitchy!! But I loved to watch!

Bethenny....need I say more?? 
I love this chic....I think we should be friends... :) 

And a new one...."Most Eligible Dallas"....
....I have a feeling I am going to like this one....

And then of course...."The Real Housewives of......

Beverly Hills
New Jersey
Orange County
New York
And there are others....but they are not as fabulous......
My hubs absolutely hates all of these shows....all of 'em....but I can't help it...I LOVE!

Am I the only one that loves and adores all things Bravo?!?! :) 


Katie said...

Not alone my friend. I adore all these shows. sigh.

Ashley said...

Same here. Love them all. My boyfriend jokes and says that he should only pay for the Bravo channel because thats all I watch. haha. He hates all shows on this channel as well...

Natasha said...

couldn't agree more...it's my favorite channel on TV that's for certain!! the only ones i don't watch are platinum hit and flipping out...but million dollar decorators is my go-to right now!

Molly said...

Bravo is hands down my favorite channel. I could watch any of the shows for hours on end!

Amanda Klein said...

Have you seen Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen?? Genius! He's hilarious and he gets the best people to comment on all the Bravo shows ; )