Thursday, July 7, 2011

FInally my 4th re-cap!

Hey there ladies! Okay I know you have all been losing sleep waiting on my 4th of July re-cap!................I kid, I kid!! :) 

But, before I get to that, I wanted to share the info about these lovely prints I posted about yesterday! Several of you commented inquiring about where I found these fabulous little beauties, so let me just tell you! :) 
I got them from this fabulous store on Etsy called Nella Designs. She was fabulous to work with and had a quick turn around. I highly recommend her! :) 

And I LOVE how they turned out!! And so did they!! :) 

Okay, now on to our 4th weekend! 

We started off Friday with dinner on our newly decorated patio with the lovely Katie P and her boyfriend.
See my pirdy new patio back there? New flowers, new candles, it's my new favorite room! 
Our yummy kabobs and rice...mmmm!!

Now this pic is funny....see that Citronella candle? Well some how while playing catch with Otto, the ball landed in the candle bucket that had been burning for about 4 hours...and wax went everywhere. 
And I mean everywhere....but the only person it hit was Katie P....all over her! She was picking wax off of her and out of her hair all night and the next morning! It was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time....I did however wait to make sure she was okay before I laughed....but then I couldn't stop! Love you Katie P! :)

Then, Saturday Katie and I went shopping at Forever 21 where I found some good snags! As per usual! Then we went to meet Laura for lunch at Local that place! :) Then we spent the afternoon by the pool before heading to dinner.

We went to Mama Mia's per Katie's request....and it was as good as always! Here are a few pics before dinner.

Then the "photo shoot" began..... 


We finished up the evening back on our patio with a few friends including one of favorite people and one of the hubs' bffs, who has been in Europe for 2 months and just got back!! YAY!!!

Next up, the 4th par-tay!!

loved these straws from Target, they looked like little fireworks on the straws! Such a good little find! 

The start of the food!

Patio decor

A little of the party.....

more food!!

The hubs grilling!

5 out of the 7 dogs that joined the party!

Lots of pool time!

Then on Monday we met The Taylors and their fam for Nashville's "Hot Chicken Festival"
Which was fun....but a really bad idea at the same time. It was so hot outside, we waited in line for an hour and then attempted to eat said chicken...and it was sooooo hot! They should really do it in the spring or weather and hot chicken mixed with a little bit of a hangover...not such a fun idea! :) 

But that's it! That was our weekend! It was SO much fun but went by waaaaaay too fast!! 


Rachel said...

Local Taco!!! Heck yes! Have you had their white sangria?! It's amazingggg. I almost did the hot chicken festival too.
Looks like a great weekend!

asj said...

so fun, looks like a great time - other than the whole wax shower thing for your friend Katie... I bet that cleanup was a pain too!

Klein Dot Co said...

Thanks for sharing your etsy find! Looks like your 4th was fabulous!

Katie said...

You seem like a fabulous host..can I come?! hahaha love your decorations and fooood looks delish. Fun fun!