Friday, July 29, 2011


Seriously, TGIF!!
This week has worn me out, today has stressed me out and I am ready to peace out of work and go home with my pups and hubby and a big glass of vino!

I thought I would share this since I know so many of you love The Real Housewives like I do. I just watched the first part of RHONY reunion....and my gawd those women are obnoxious!! I loved Andy Cohen and when he  yelled at everyone, but my favorite is when Kelly said "I have to be the mediator!" and Andy looked at her and said, "Buy your not, YOUR NOT." in the bitchiest tone ever! I loved it! :) 

Here is a video they put together....

Crazy and obnoxious ladies!! Ramona I think is the worst...bringing up the cheating and Luann's kids! I'm not a fan of Luann, but come on Ramona!! I am sitting here trying to think about who is the better one....but they are ALL crazy! But yet......I still watch! :) 

Happy Weekend Ladies!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Only I could do this to myself....

Okay, I have caught myself doing some pretty absurd things to I thought I would share to see if anyone else does these things or to at least give you a good laugh on this lovely Thursday....

First off, and this is so random so I am sure I am the only person in the world that has done this.............twice.
See that bag....have you ever gotten one stuck to the bottom of your car?...and by bottom of your car I mean melted to the bottom of your engine. No? No one? 
Well it smells like burnt crayons. 
All the time. 
So, I somehow did this about 3 months ago, the hubs and I kept smelling it and couldn't figure out what the hell it was. He got up under the car and saw one of these pretty little bags all stuck and melted. 
So finally it melted away and my car didn't smell anymore, YAY! 
Well, if you remember I said twice.....yes, I did it again last week....really?!?!? Really?!??! At least this time I saw it coming...I  saw it and tried to switch lanes and couldn't thanks to a massive, I went over it. And I just kept hoping I would see it in my rear view such luck. So, my little Altima is a stinky crayon again. 

Staying with my little Altima.....
See the expiration date of my tags? No? Well it says March....wanna know when I got them renewed? After I got a ticket in June. Yeah, June. The cop pulled me over on my way home from the lady doctor and I was also sick with bronchitis and a sinus infection....good day....he pretty much just laughed at me. "March, really?!? I normally let people go with a warning on tags, but I just can't with you." He was so hot too...I have never seen a really hot cop...but he was...and I was mortified. And sick. I the proceeded to call the hubs crying because he had been telling me to get it renewed for 3 months. He also laughed at me. 
I then had to go show that I got them renewed so it would be taken off my record....well there is NO parking by that building downtown so I had to walk about 2 heels and a pencil 105/feels like 112 degree weather. I was a miserable hot mess (literally) and $70 broker. Boo.

Next up, the lovely snooze button...
Yes, I am that person who sets the alarm for 6:15 just so I can hit snooze at least 3 times...the hubs HATES it. And I mean HATES it. I think he lectures me every 4 days....
And the worst part....because of that lovely snooze button I am almost always running late for work. I am running out the door with breakfast wrapped in a paper towel and putting on earrings as I am kissing the pups goodbye and tripping over my heels on the way out the door. AND THEN, I am driving like a bat out of hell with road rage....then I get to work...and I am pooped! Why do I do this?!?! Why can't I just get out of bed like a grown up?!?!

Next....I have a permanent bump on the back of my head from emptying the dishwasher. I have made you a diagram....
See the dishwasher? I stand between that and the microwave....see the devil cabinet? I put tupperware or bowls or whatever up there and leave it open for the next thing....then stand up and bang the back of my head on it. Every time. Why do I do this to myself? Why can't I learn?? Either A) close the door or B) watch your effin head! Only me.

Keeping with the kitchen....why don't I use oven mitts?
 I have some really cute ones....but no, I decide to use the dish towel that is hanging on the oven or already in my hand....and I either burn myself through the towel...or the towel is long enough...or I hit the top of the oven. Use an oven mitt. They are amazing things!

So these are just a few of the awesome things I do to myself on a regular basis....please tell me that some of you do at least one of these things....or just laugh, everyone needs a good laugh! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY Loving this man....
Why you ask?? 

Because we just booked our anniversary trip!!! Yes, in 2 short months we will be here!!

My hubs is AMAZING!!!!!!! Thanks baby, I am going to be a giddy little kid for the next 2 months.... :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Wanna play? Go here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

I can't believe it is already Monday....where did the weekend go?!?! Oh, let me show you....

First, Friday evening they hubs and I went to grab a cocktail and some apps before going to see this movie...
And it was good, but the guy from "Always Sunny" was the best part of the movie! Then we went to a local pub, The Melrose to meet some friends for a few more cocktails and good times! :) 
Then early Saturday morning we all woke up and headed here....
For a day on the lake! :) 

Here is our captain....
 Me and T-Word

 Taylor trying to get the little ducky....can you see her?
 Now Robert trying to get the ducky.....
 T-Word and her lovely hat....anyone remember this hat from this post?
A little skiing.....

a little knee boarding....

We were enjoying ourselves....

Hard to see, but we there were 4 of us floating on life jackets and noodles being pulled by the was pretty fun.... :)

Yup, that's T-Word....
 The Boys!

 We had a blast!! We all got a little burnt...a little buzz....and a lot of fun! 
Saturday night we were totally worn out, so we got some take-out and crashed on the couch...look at my little punkin passed out on me....
 Then yesterday we did some cleaning and then a whole lotta nuthin'! I got sucked into an Entourage marathon leading up to the premier of the final season....did anyone else watch? Does Vince get on anyone else's nerves?? 

Well, that was my fabulous weekend...thoroughly enjoyed it! Hope all of you did too!! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Weekend!!

Hey there all of you lovely blogettes!! :) It's Friday, (YAY!!!) and I am having a fabulous Friday!! I have most of my voice back, I am having a great day at work to wrap up a great month, and I am going to the movies with my hot hubs tonight! Sweet! :) 
If you don't already know this about me...I am a movie junkie. That's right, I am that person that spends more money at the movies than at the bar. I need the big popcorn (extra butter), some candy, a big diet coke, and maybe some adult beverages I snuck in. and it is fabulous!

We are trying to decide between these 3......

......what are your thoughts and/or suggestions?

Then tomorrow we are heading to the lake....
..... to do a little bit of this!
 It has been WAY too long since I have been out on the lake. Can't wait!

And on a random fabulous and amazing college town has been rate one of the coolest!! SWEET!!! I love and miss you, Oxford!!
America's Coolest College Towns- Page 2 - Articles | Travel + Leisure

What are all of you lovelies up to this weekend?
Whatever it is, I hope it is fabulous!! 
Happy Weekend!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I am loving Today!

It's Wednesday and I have got some fabulous loves today.....

First, I am loving these 2 uh-maz-ing new Ben & Jerry's flavors....

Late Night Snack
"Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Salty Caramel Swirl & Fudge Covered Potato Chip Clusters"
Oh. Em. Gee. The salty chips with the fudge and then mixes of caramel....sooooo yummy!!
And Clusterfluff
"Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Caramel Cluster Pieces, Marshmallow Swirls, & Peanut Butter Swirls"
Need I say more???
These 2 yummies have helped my throat the past few waistline...not so much...

I am also loving these 2 new yummy recipes I have made this week:
Ham and Poppy Seed Rolls
I got this fabulous recipe from one of you lovely ladies and I don't remember who...but MAN, were they yummy! This is one of the hubs' new favorites!
Spicy Chicken Rigatoni
The Hubs also loved this....said it was dangerous to make because the recipe makes so much and he could eat his weight in it! :)

I am loving this new show on Style, Big Rich Texas. Did any of you watch? It looks to me nothing short of reality show women and their entertaining at its best!

I am loving these cute little dresses I found....I need a dress for my class reunion coming up this fall....which one do you think?

 and I am loooving this one...I am going to have to loose some lbs. if I am going to pull this off.....
I am going to have to loose some lbs. if I am going to pull this off....but I love it!

I am loving this sweet e-mail I got from the hubs last week.... just because... :)
Which means I am reeeeally loving this sweet sexy man!
Happy Wednesday!!