Thursday, June 23, 2011

iPhone Photo Dump Time!

It's that time again....time for me to let you into my strange iPhone picture taking..... :)

First....this is my baby girl eating her bone....when she gets excited about a toy or a treat this is what she does....HA!

 So then I had to take one of my sweet boy! He likes his bones too!!

These are a pair of grown mens underwear at Target....too funny, so I had to take a pic and send it to The Hubs...

Sweet e-mail from my sweet sweet hubby!

Boarding the plane I saw this...the name on the cards is Gary Kelly....that's my Daddy's I had to send him a pic!

I saw Michael Oher in line for a ride at Disney World, the one and only time the hubs didn't go back with me to ride a 2nd time.....and then Michael Oher comes walking in the exit (of course he didn't have to wait in line!) and right on to the ride. I am sitting there freaking out and my brain went dumb and I couldn't remember his name and my sister-in-law had no clue who he was....then it came to me...and I flipped out! Why didn't I get a picture!??! Any who the hubs didn't believe me, thought I was crazy....then I found this tweet about ya!!! For those of you who don't know, Michael Oher is the guy that "The Blind Side" was based off of...and an Ole Miss Grad, love it!!

This is my baby girl at the vet....she was so excited to get all the attention...little did she know she was about to get 3 shots! :)

 This was when I was sick....she stayed right by me the entire time. Protecting me! :)

These are 2 The Hubs puppies taking care of their sick momma!

She got so tired "protecting me"  she fell asleep while I was rubbing her chin!

Picture of the pot of baked beans The Hubs left in the sink....overnight....I had to send him a pic..

 White Sangria for lunch!

 The BFF's Red Sangria.....

A coverlet that I almost bought from know a lite summery quilt.....but I didn't..... :( still sad about that.....

My BFFs puppies swimming with their life cute?!?!?

Me trying to take a picture of our very blue dresses in the backseat of a car after a day full of beer drinking.....yeah, the things you do with too much beer.....

Showing of T-Word's pretty sandals....she wears Chocos with everything...we were proud!

Have you ever seen the "Pageant Talk" skit with Zach Galifinakas on SNL? Well we have, several times, I could quote the whole is hysterical! There is a part where he goes "You're nasty" is his best flaming southern we say it all the time....and I got it playing Words with I had to share with all the friends that weren't there to share in the fun!

his was really cool, very touching. I was driving down the road (Franklin Road for you Nashvillians) and there was going to be a military funeral and one of the churches...and that horrible group that goes around protesting military funerals was said to be at this one. So hundreds of people showed up with American Flags and flowers and stood on the churches lawn for over 4 hours! And it was HOT! I went by at 2 different times that day and it was such an amazing, goose bump creating site! These pictures really do not do it justice in the least. I was driving and there were cops every where so I was lucky to get these, but seriously...take what you can see in the pics and multiply it times 4!

 the road is a long hill that goes up to the church, it was lined like this the entire way up! It really was amazing, made me very proud!

Our pool is open!! :)

Father's Day card I got for my FIL....had to send a pic to the hubs so he could see.....

Long story, but this song has a funny story tied to it....sent it to my girls!

Last night at Wine Down Wednesday
notice my red teeth?? uggghh, I hate that!

The pups begging me not to go to work...

And that's all I got for now....but as you can see....I will have more in the near future! :)


Katie said...

So many comments for this post but I will limit them. Michael Oher..I just love him!!!!!!!!!!!

The blind side is one of my favorite movies. ever. I weeeeeep and it makes my heart feel warm haha

YOU are featured on my blog today bahah :)

Jess said...

Have you ever heard of wine wipes??? My family loves red wine too, so I bought some for all of us to use. Well, they work, but you can only let them touch your teeth because they taste awful!!! Sometimes they are worth it though ;)