Monday, June 6, 2011

A Baby Reveal Party!!!

Okay my lovelies, I promise I will be a better blogger this week! Once I got back last week and attempted to get caught up I proceeded to get a sinus infection and bronchitis. Only I could get the summer.... 
I am slowly but surely getting better... a week later I still have the sniffles and a awful cough, go figure....
Any who, I have lots and lots to re-cap on and tell you all about! I am going to start with my most favorite.....The Reveal of Baby Taylor!!!!

We helped host a gender reveal party for 2 of my most favorite people in the world last Tuesday and it was so special and I am so blessed to have been a part of it. The Taylors went to the doctor Tuesday morning and waited patiently all day...and I know it drove them crazy! I met the momma-to-be to get the sealed envelope and headed to the baker at 9am to get the cake started!
(side note, Cakes by Darlene was the only cake baker in Nashville I could find that would actually do the cake pink or blue, not just the icing. She allowed me to give her the envelope at 9am and pick the cake up at 5....and it was only $20!!! She was a sweetheart and extra accommodating because she could tell how sick I was over the phone. I highly recommend her and will definitely use her again! I just want to spread the word to all my Nashvegas peeps! :)).

Here are some pics,  some are with my iPhone and some with my friend's good mentioned I felt like crap so I was there to take a few pics and see the cake cutting...otherwise I pretty much stood in the corner to keep me and my germs away from everyone.

Cute decorations and onesies thanks to sweet Laurie!
We played a game where we asked the momma-to-be old wives tales questions of whether it would be a boy or a girl. According to is a a lot!
Cute close up of the onesie Laurie painted, the girl one said "I'm a little princess", so cute!
The pretty table
 Saw this adorable idea in Southern living, putting popsicles in champagne....pretty decor and then a yummy fruit champagne cocktail! (we used some smoothie type popsicles so it was super yummy!!_

 Team Blue!
(Please excuse my scary-ness....)
The momma-to-be is in the middle
Team pink!
Only 3 of the boys and Anna Rivers, daddy-to-be on the middle!
The precious and yummy cake!!
And it's time....notice both of their phones....they have their parents on speaker phone....
 Getting excited....
Pink or Blue, Pink or Blue?!?!??!?!
IT'S PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The awesome momma-to-be came prepared....yes, she is unbuttoning her reveal....
I love it....she had to show her love for either!! :) 
And please notice the daddy-to-be also has on pink and blue! :)
Spreading the news!
 So happy, and then the tears start.....
All the men celebrating with cigars!

It's pink which means, Adelyn Dawn Taylor will be here in October!!!! Time to start shopping, planning the all pink shower, and the nursery!!
Congrats Blake and Dawn, we are all so happy for the two of you, or should I say 3..., and I can not wait to welcome that precious bundle of joy in October!!

Honestly ladies, it was such in awesome and special party. I have always wanted to do a gender reveal party  when the hubs and I decide to start a family and this just set it in stone. It was such a special special moment and to have us all there to be a part of it, well, it meant a lot to us as much as it did them! I highly recommend it! 

I will have more re-caps on Disney, the hubs' birthday, and some other fun stuff! 

Happy Monday!


Rachel said...

So so cute! Love it!
I'll have to pass word around about that baker!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh I love love love this idea! You did a wonderful job!

Nicole said...

Cute!!! I like the idea of having a gender reveal party!! I had never thought of that before!!