Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I am still alive....barely....and a weekend recap.

Hey there blogging world!! It has been almost 2 weeks since my last post....I can't believe that!! 

I am so sorry for my absence....between Disney World, work and then the holiday weekend, I have been a very busy girl! 

And I do believe it has caught up with me....as I think I am officially sick. It started Sunday evening, I had to leave a Crawfish Boil early because I just wasn't "feeling" it...which is not like me at all. Then woke up several times Sunday night and spent my entire day off on the couch feeling terrible and then drinking a milkshake for dinner before I put myself to bed. The hubs was sweet as ever trying to fix me...but sadly it isn't gone yet... :(...and I am reeeeeally bummed about this because tonight is the Gender Reveal Party for Baby Taylor!! 

I just dropped off the envelope with the cake baker and CANNOT wait! I will just hide in the corner away from the baby and baby momma to be before I go home and put myself to bed at 8:00!
So will leave you with the few pics from my iPhone from this weekend...a mini recap, if you will...

First, Friday afternoon I had to take baby girl for her annual shots (3 shots & something stuck up her nose!)... she was way too excited to be at the vet. Took the shots well but then was extremely sore Satuday morning...which her Daddy, aka "The Hubs", took VERY good care of her. Carrying her everywhere, rubbing her head for a solid 45 minutes, and just being uber sweet. I swear I fell in love with him a little more watching that! 
Saturday we went and had dinner and drinks with our sweet neighbors before going to see The Hangover 2....which was hysterical! 

I didn't know how they were gonna do it, but they did. Bradley Cooper was beautiful as ever and Zach Galifinakas was funny as ever!

Sunday we headed over to The Womack's to celebrate Memorial Day.....

 .....with a little crawfish......

and a little cornhole!

Look at the sweet mama to be and precious AR!! :)
And you know the rest of the weekend....I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!

I will have Disney and The Hub's Birthday recaps later this week .....AND whether The Taylors will have little Liam or little Adelyn come October for me to spoil rotten!!


Jami said...

Welcome back! I love crawfish by the way! :)

Katie said...

I have been MIA too! Just got back and feel like I have 50000 things to do. We saw Hangover 2 on vaca one night and we liked it but did you like it better than the 1st?! I didn't just because it seemed more forced comedy vs the 1st that you weren't expecting! I love them both though. Glad you've had a great 2 weeks!