Thursday, April 14, 2011


Okay, so I have never been a hater of pop music, I just pick and choose. Some songs are absolutely terrible (i.e. Katy Perry's "Peacock", really!??!?!, Lady Gaga, and many  many others) and some are okay, some annoy me because I know the words and I wish I didn't (Kesha), and some I can't help myself but love. 
My first love is alt music, its good music (most of the time, anyway), cool people, awesome live, always different, and none of the bs....but sometimes you need some good ol' girly music! :)

Which brings me to the point of this lovely little post....I have found myself loving waaaaaaaaaaaay too much girly music here lately. I have downloaded several, thanks to my fabulous iPhone and I am catching myself rocking out like a 17 year old girl.... :)!

So here are my faves here recently.....

First, Katy Perry's E.T.
Now, I have never been a fan of Katy Perry's music, I like her but most of her music is just annoying. But this song, well I freakin' love it! It makes me wish I was still on dance team back in high school so I can dance to it for real....I love it! 
I have never seen this video before...kinda strange.....

Next, we have Rhianna's "S&M"
I love me some Rhianna, always have....

Next, Aubrey O'Day...
I totally forgot about this chick until I got a few of her shows on Oxygen....she is definitely kooky, but I am likin' the girly pop music....

Next, Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts"
I know nothing about her but, I like this song....I hate that I like it...but I do....

Adele's "Rolling in the Deep"
But I love this whole album...and the one before....Adele just rocks!

And of course,
Miss Britney!
I totally caught my self dancing to in the car on the way to work to this song...shamefully. I wasn't too crazy of "Hold It Against Me" I am excited about this one.
And then, I get to work and my BFF who has never been a Britney fan posted on fb that she has not stopped rocking out to the CD for 3 days....I may need to purchase this....iTunes makes it waaaaaaaaaaay too easy!

Sooo, those are my girly pop loves here hubs will hate this he would/does hate all of these songs! But I will continue to shamefully rock out!

What/Who are yours loves?!


Cara S. said...

LOL, I love this post! Like tons because yeah, these are like guilty pleasures of mine!

Tiffany said...

S&M is one of my fav songs right now!! However,I had never seen the video until now....umm a little crazy! HA!
Oh and Britney....well I was always a fan pre her going crazy so I'm sure I am gonna be a fan once again. Thanks for sharing.