Monday, April 11, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding! (Well one of them any way! :))

Hey Ladies! I am back and I am exhausted! 
We had a fabulous wedding weekend, and although the weather was quite didn't stop us any! 

I will jump right in with the all the pics I have....taken from my lovely iPhone since I have lost my camera! :( boooooo!!

First night at dinner.........can you tell we are happy to be there?!?!?
 This is a happy hubby!
 This was just for my girl, T-Word....she loves all things sparkly and tacky! :)
 Katie found one too!
 Me and my pretty Momma!!
 My Dad in the very very cold pool!
 The rehearsal dinner...
 My Hot Hubby!!
 Me and Casey, love this girl!
 Just a few more weeks for these two!!!
 Pretty Ladies!

 The bride to be...on the right!
 Love her!!!!!!!!!
 Gorgeous little centerpieces!
 Fun little decorations!

 See what happens when I try to take too many pictures of the hubs....he has clearly hit his limit for the night...

More pretty decor!
 We like the starfish!
 Love this pic!!
 Dueling pianos!
 They of course pulled the bride up there and mortified her in front of her parents and in-laws!
 Then the dancing started....and yes, that is me doing "The Sprinkler"!!!
 Then they brought the groom up......"We need more cowbell!!" it was awesome!
The groom dancing with his daughter, so sweet!
 Our condo was awwwwwwwwwesome! Had a HUGE wrap around porch, we were out there alllllll weekend!
 Casey got a little cold...

Day of, and theeeeeeeese fabulous petit fours were to die for!
 Pretty Katie getting her hair did! :) HA!
 Mmmmmmmmmm, mimosas!
 My hair before the fog and humidity attacked it!
 Pretty flowers at the brunch!
 Setting up!
 Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty hair!!!
 And she is in the dress!!
 gorgeous bouquets!

 loooooooooooove the orchids!
 back after the ceremony....time to bustle!
 First Dance, "Into The Mystic"
 Daddy/Daughter Dance!

 She was honestly one of the most stunning brides I have ever seen! These pictures do not do her dress justice!!
 Kim got my phone....
 The bartenders knew how to pour a glass of wine....look at that sucker!
 cutting the awesome cake!
 aaaaaaaaaand he got her..... her good!
 So she got him back!
 Ansley, aka "Snow White" as she introduced herself to me, loooved the cake!
 Love this man!
 Bouquet toss
 Garter toss!
 The winners! :)
 Love my Kyle!!
And that's all I got! Not sure if I mentioned before, but Meredith loved my fabulous wedding photographer so much she hired her for her wedding!!! So we all had a blast working with her again and she was awesome and fabulous as always! She had her Fauxtaux Booth and we had waaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun with it! Anywho, as soon as the lovely Hannah Elaine post some pics I will definitely share, I have no doubt that they will be nothing short of amazing!! I do have one that she posted on facebook for a little sneak peak....

Stunning!! Yay Mer!! Have fun in Costa Rica!! 
(and ps, they are going to the exact same resort we went to for our honeymoon!! they booked it not realizing it....uhhh, are we best friends? i think so! :)).


Katie said...

Beautiful!!I want that dress you are looks navy and cream. Where did you get it?!?!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I LOVE all your "going out" dresses -- seriously darling!