Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So every once in a while while I am looking at websites and blogs if I find something I love or something that inspires me I save it in a file. I have home inspiration, art inspirations, food inspirations and some things that I just flat out love....here are a few of my recent faves....

That is just cardboard wrapped in yarn! How cute with these be in a nursery with the baby's name??!
cute little shower curtain!

Wish i could be crazy enough to do colors like this!!
I love this! Just a different and unique way to take those first year pics!
I do, I do....
I love chucks and I looooove color coordination!
just funny!
Soooooo pretty!
how cute is this?!?!
So cute for a luau party decoration!
I mean what is not to love about this?!?!?
I die.
I think these will be making an appearance at a cook-out this summer.....
best paper weight ever.
I got all of these in an e-mail a while back, this mom got really creative while her new baby slept. Pretty creative and verrrrry cool!
Just a "Mrs." looooove this! (From Kate Spade)
 These could be fun at work....
 Again, loooooooooove color coordination! :)
 Just pretty!
 These are sticky notes. Love.
 I am addicted to Words With Friends & Scrabble so I looooove this...
 and this!
 This is a onesie cupcake....how precious would this be for a baby shower!?
 Letters from Urban Outfitters....yes please.
 A cake made out of oreos....now all you need a a milk fountain!
 A more fun kind of globe....
 If I ever own a white dog, I will definitely be doing this!
 Pretty and romantic and modern!
 How adorable would this be in the laundry room?!?!?!
This is drawer liners! This would make organizing just a little more fun!!!
And I will leave you with this......

It took me a minute to get this and then I laughed out loud......


Ashley said...

Love all of these, especially the chandelier and shower curtain!!

Katie said...

What great finds!! I love finding things and saving them too. Where is that romantic light from?! Do you like how I'm asking you this 2 days in a row? haha. I'm looking for a chandelier/light for the new room I painted this weekend!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I loved reading all these...for sure made me laugh at some!!!

Tiffany said...

I love all of those! I wish I could find cute stuff like that!!!

Molly said...

i have that exact monogrammed necklace and wear it almost every single day! it's a great investment :)

Jane said...

I was going to tell you all the photos I loved from this post, but there were too many and I lost count. Oh well -- you have mahhvelous taste.