Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter, Blogettes!!!

I have a pretty relaxing weekend, not a lot going on until Sunday when we are heading to a little town called Lafayette to celebrate the holiday with the hubs' side of the fam! I hope you all have a safe and blessed weekend! I will leave you with some fun pics I found at pintrest...have I mentioned I love that website???

A Peep Wreath!
 How pretty is this?!?!
 Egg Garland...
 Egg Wreath!
 Rice Krispie Treat Bunny!
 Preeeety Egg Wreath....and those flowers!
 Easter Bunny Pancakes, perfect for Easter morning!!
 Again, Love!
 So simple, yet so cute!
 Carrot clever!
 Chocolate covered rice krispie treats....mmmmmmmmmm!
 Again, so simple....yet so awesome!
 Peeps Banner Garland!
Happy Weekend!!


Stefanie @Three-seventeen said...

Love pintrest!! Have you looked at Stumbled upon? Its another great website that tailors to your interests!

Lindsey said...

i love the peeps at the bottom of the tulip arrangement! i might have to make this to take to my grandma's on sunday!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Absolutely stunning photos!!!