Monday, April 4, 2011

Gardening and a Gathering!

Happy Monday! 

It is a gloomy, cold, and rainy Monday.....this Nashville weather is crazier than ever!! This past weekend it was absolutely gorgeous!! The hubs was out of town for work over the weekend so I spent the weekend getting some MUCH needed yard work done!

I normally shop at Home Depot for my gardening needs, but I remembered last year that Walmart had some mulch that I really liked and was fabulously priced! Sooooo, I figured I would check there first....and man, am I glad I did!! All of the flowers were half off!!! YAY!!!

So, check out my bargain garden shopping!!
 I meant to take a before and after and totally forgot....but here is all the mess I pulled out of our 2 front beds.....
 The starting of the planting/potting....pretty marigolds!
 And the finished product!
 The sun makes it look like I couldn't keep the mulch in the bed....its just a shadow! :)

Then after I finished the yard it was time to get ready for the last pre-wedding celebration before the big days!!

Check out the cute napkins!!
pretty ladies!
 The bride-to-be!
 A few of the bridesmaids
 My Jenny Crafton
 Some of the par-tay

 The bride and groom and the was a fiesta was catered by SATCO, they came and cooked all the food there in front of was awesome and soooo yuuuummmmmy!!
 Love these 2!!!

 Hanging out by the fire...
 Oh, then the Hypnotiq came was a "Stock the Bar" party..... :)

 Then the thumbs up started.....

The bride and her momma and brother
 We love each other!
 and entertain ourselves!!
 Taylor getting a hold of my camera....again.....

Then I spent Sunday cleaning the house and playing with the pups outside in the most perfect Spring weather.....just waiting for The Hubs to get home. 
Monday came way too quick...but good news is this is a short week for me....only 3 1/2 day work week!!! Then it is off to the beach to see my Meredith get hitched!!!

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