Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday!!

and Kate Middleton is now Princess Katherine!!
and I am going to have mimosas in T-minus1 hour and 10 minutes!!
I love my job!

Happy Weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Wednesday Loves!

 First of all, I love that I am almost to 100 followers!! :) Ya'll are awesome!! :)
I am loving my job sooooo much right now! 
And I am loving that we had the best month ever in the history of the company and our team alone was resposible for 1/4 of that! And to give us all a pat on the back.....

we get to take Friday off and go have brunch and day drink all day on a fabulous patio on the company's dime! Uh, yes please and thank you! :) 

I am loving The Voice....did you guys watch last night???
 I think I am going to like this show a lot! Love the hosts, especially Blake Shelton and Cee-Lo...they entertain me! :) 
I already have faves....
First, Javier Colon....just awesome!
 This adorable couple from Nashville, them! They are too cute, and pretty awesome!
 Rebecca Loebe - This girl came out of no where with her version of "Come as You Are"......uhhh, it rocked!
And this one, Xenia, she was so shy and cute and I looooved her voice the Nora Jones-esk of it! 

I am also loving that one week from tomorrow I will be heading back down to the Sip to marry off my BFF!! I can't wait! :) 

I am loving that said BFF is throwing a "Royal Wedding Viewing Party" on Saturday morning....
(adorable invitation via punchbowl
(also something I am loving! if you need online invites....they are definitely the way to go!! :))

now I am just interested in the basics - the dress and all things bride, the cake, the boat loads of people standing in the street, etc....I think some people are going a little over board with The Royal Wedding Coverage....but whatevs.....but I love any good excuse for a themed par-tay!! She is making teacakes and crumpets and of course some mimosas and lots of other goodies we are bringing! :) SO fun! 

And of course, I am loving this amazing make me happier than you know! I 
love you!! 
And that's all I got! Head over to Jamie's and play along! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I did it.....

.............I am are the terrible iPhone pics but they give you the idea.....the color is amazing, there are like 4 different colors in there (my stylist ROCKS!), she did an awesome job.....but I am kinda worried that I may have liked the brown more.....maybe I just need to play with it/get used to it.....whatcha think?

and then I took a close up on because the hubs said he couldn't really tell....please excuse my face in this pic.....
 i do love that it is still dark at the bottom....


Monday, April 25, 2011

iPhone Photo Dump, Take Three!

I am out of any creative posts so I figured it was time for another photo dump....and man, I got lots of 'em! :)

 First, we have my Chicken and Broccoli Cobbler....mmmm!
Saw this in Kroger and really brought me very first job was working at a booth in the mall and I sold these.....Cajun Injectors! :) Haven't seen them in years!
 Showing my new shoes from Blush for $35!!! Love them!
Showing off more shoes....$16 a piece. Yeah, what up?! I needed gold shoes for a wedding and they had black too....$16, I don't believe I had a choice! :)
 another view.....
 My sweet punkin.....she is so cute!
 Hanging out with Anna Rivers! :)
 When me and the hubs played scrabble.....I dominated! :) Words with Friends pays off...I am a dork....
 So I happened to drop a knife on my foot while loading the fell straight down and stabbed the top of my foot, yeah ew. It didn't hurt, in fact I didn't even thing I cut myself then a few seconds later I looked down and my foot and rug was covered in blood and the vein had bubbled was quite freaky. Thank got the hubs walked in the door right after cause this little lady does not do well with blood and things like that! Any who, this is what it looked like the next few days......matter a fact it is still bruised and this was 2 weeks ago.....

 Little girls not out at PM....mmmm!!!
 T-Word like the green disco ball....
 and made a friend......
 Girls Sunday Funday....this is what happens when the boys are gone! :)
 I like to take lots and lots of pics of my little muffin! :) This is her in bed, under the sheets and head on the pillow....she thinks she is a person... :)
 The "naked" statue in Preds Jerseys!!! Speaking of, WAY TO GO PREDS!!! On to round 2 of the playoffs after making  franchise history!!! LOVE IT!
 Gift from the neighbor....
 She's a funny one......
 My rehearsal dinner dress for my BFF's wedding... :)
 At Nashville's Iron Fork last fun....Four Roses Bourbon is one of me and the hubs' favorite bourbons....and they were passing it out...had to send to him to make him a little jealous... :)
 aaand, they had goat cheese stuffed peppadews from Rumba....another one of the hubs' favorite apps I make.... :)
 Here is a overhead view of the crowd....and there were 2 other rooms! I highly recommend this event, it was a blast! :)
 My bm dress!
 Relaxing porch time with the hubs....
 She decided it was time to sit on her daddy's bag so he could leave.... :)
 This was last Friday at work.....our manager's birthday was Saturday so we all got him a few six-packs.....he proceeded to open them pass them out....I was at work until 6....drinking....yay! :)
 The one guy who left early....we covered his desk with beer bottles.....can you find 'em all??? :)
 Friday night we grilled out with some of our most favorite peeps...and this little nugget, Anna Rivers! :)
Saturday, spur of the moment porch drinking, kabob grilling, football throwing, apples to apples, party! Love the spring and summer!!
They were sent on a beer run....came back with the 40s and that fabulous cowboy hat Taylor has on....good times....

That's all I got for today! Happy Monday!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter, Blogettes!!!

I have a pretty relaxing weekend, not a lot going on until Sunday when we are heading to a little town called Lafayette to celebrate the holiday with the hubs' side of the fam! I hope you all have a safe and blessed weekend! I will leave you with some fun pics I found at pintrest...have I mentioned I love that website???

A Peep Wreath!
 How pretty is this?!?!
 Egg Garland...
 Egg Wreath!
 Rice Krispie Treat Bunny!
 Preeeety Egg Wreath....and those flowers!
 Easter Bunny Pancakes, perfect for Easter morning!!
 Again, Love!
 So simple, yet so cute!
 Carrot clever!
 Chocolate covered rice krispie treats....mmmmmmmmmm!
 Again, so simple....yet so awesome!
 Peeps Banner Garland!
Happy Weekend!!