Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Ramblings...and My AI Picks.....

Okay, it's Thursday and I have lots of random thoughts today....

1. I love that my Daddy is stopping through for lunch today!! YAY!!

2. As I was browsing through my Google Reader this morning I stumbled across this lovely blog and found these pictures of a fabulous pantry....only I would get excited about a pantry....but I would be so happy if I had one this size, this organized, and this cute! 

how adorable?!?!

3. After going through my Google Reader I checked out what was going on in Facebook world, and I found this!
"Ben & Jerry’s has released a new ice cream flavor in partnership with Late Night host Jimmy Fallon with the name “Late Night Snack.” The flavor is Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Salty Caramel Swirl & Fudge Covered Potato Chip Clusters."

Ummmmm, yes please!!!! Who would think of chocolate covered potato chips?! Why has no one done so before? That sounds delightful!!

4. One of my very very favorite people in the world has finally decided to start a blog again!! YAY!

You have seen her fabulous work in many of the invitations I have posted about and she is just the most fabulous graphic designer ever! She also did our fabulous Save-The-Dates for our wedding that you can read about here....
Needless to say she is awesome and I absolutely HEART her!! So go check her out here, follow her, and book her to do all your fabulous graphic design needs!!

5. I have picked my American Idol Favorites....

The Boys:

First, Casey Abrams
I just think he is fun!
Paul McDonald
I don't remember him at all form auditions, but last week was the first time I noticed him when he was doing The Beatles...and I loved him this week doing Rod Stewart....Top 2 of my favorite men!
Scotty McCreery
I just love this kid, love that he is TRUE country and he had my heart when he got choked up over Kacee in Hollywood week. He is just a cute kid and my other part of my Top 2 for the boys!
Last, Tim Halperin
He didn't impress me too much this week, but I kinda like him.....

Now on to the ladies....

Thia Megia....
I mean, she was just awesome. Nothing more to say.
Haley Reinhart
Again, don't really remember her from previous episodes....but I liked her!
Rachel Zevita
I actually did not like her at all in previous episodes...actually got on my nerves....but I kinda liked her last night.....
Pia Toscano
I think she will make it to the end.......along with.....
Lauren Alaina
My absolute favorite! I have loved her since the Nashville audition....she should definitely be the final one standing. It is so easy and so natural for her to stand up there and rock out! And she just turned 16!!!!

 So those are my picks....who do you love?!

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