Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Sex and the City,

I miss you so....sooooo much! I have found myself recording and watching all of your reruns on E! (thank you, E!). This past Saturday it got to the final season....and I couldn't wait until this week to watch what happens (as if I didn't already know)! So, I found myself on the couch watching the remaining 6 episodes from my personal DVD collection....and by the end I was in tears. Again. The finale makes me love love, love my 3 best friends,  love my husband, and love BIG! Who would have thought?!?1 It is just the most perfect ending to any series of have ever seen! When Miranda looks at big and says "Go get our girl" I get chills! And then they play that french rap song while they are running around...and then BIG is there and wants to defen Carrie....then she trips him in the hallway and they just laugh and know...that's it! Ahhhhh! I love it! And even though your 2nd attempt at a movie was a close to failure...I still want you to do more and more and more...I am not ready to give you up! And hey, maybe the 3rd movie will be as awesome and fabulous as the first!! :) So, in honor of you...here are some pics I just grabbed from google that made me happy! :)

First meeting....
last meeting, in Paris....of the series anyway...
how can we forget that amazing dress!!
When Carrie rebounded with "The New Yankee"!
Aww, this still breaks my heart!!
And we can't forget Smith Jared!
Oh those dresses!!
When Charlotte "pakipsied??? (sp)" in her pants! HA!!!
Awww, they are finally Mr. and Mrs. Big!
And I will leave you with this one because it was the last one that grabbed me and I have to actually to some work today... boo! HA! :) 
Sincerely, Sarah


Tiffany said...

Oo I love sex and the city. (and your pictures) I mean seriously....LOVE! I loved Aden, but I have to admit I always wanted her with Big!!

Anonymous said...

I started a mini-marathon myself when I was sick a few months ago and couldn't leave the house for about a week. I need to get back to that!

Did you hate Aleksandr Petrovsky too?? I hated him from the minute he came on the show. He just... BUGGED me!! All the time!!

Mrs. Magnolia said...

Ahhhh love.

Jen said...

LOVE IT! I watched the entire series over again with my 2 best friends. Always makes me cry..