Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bach Beach Trip Round 2!

Okay....here we go with round 2....

On da beach!
 Taylor proceeded to buy an 80 year old woman's hat at CVS and then where it backwards.....
 it was entertaining....as Taylor normally is!


 and then she got recruited to audition for the southern version of Jersey Shore that VH1 is doing....."The South Rocks!".....yes, you read that correctly.....
 they made friends!
 Party time!!!
 Me and my pretty little bride!

 Name Game Time.....
 this was really fun.....we found a "porn" name generator on the iPhone and it gave us each our new names for the evening....I was Blondie Asstronut. Bhahahahhaha!
 this beautiful little game board was created by the ever so fabulous Jessica!!. Another reason why she is so awesome. I just asked her to use a fun font (there girl has a ton of fabulous fonts!!) and she came back with this!!! How awesome is it!?!?!?! Seriously, check her out for all paper/graphic design needs!!
 Aren't they pretty!??!
 Game time!

 Present Time!

 Pretty Brides!!
 Cab time!!
 This was really funny....we took about 15 pics with Jenny Crafton.....and she looked like this in every pic!
The whole group in blue! :)

 And then we were called up to dance......about 15 times....the lead singer was very excited we were there....

 The. Best. Bus. Ride. Ever.

 And we got free T-Shirts!
 And did acrobatics....
and took lots a pics....
 then my camera died :(
(These are from my phone)

T-Word doing her 2nd round of interviews.....we are all crossing our fingers....if you can't tell just by these pics she would bring great entertainment!!!
 On the way home....with our ring pops from the Pinata!

And sadly, I have about 100 more.....but you get the idea! :) 
We had a blast and I am very sad that I am now back at work :(.
Best girls weekend, ever!!!


Kendra said...

Oh my word! I am jealous of your little vacation here. That look so super fabulous! How much fun are you girls?!!!

Leah said...

Looks like a fun weekend. One of my best friend's is getting married next month, can't wait for the festivities!

Krystal said...

What were the cameras for? :) I had cameras follow my bach party... just wondering if it's for the same thing! LOL

Katie P said...

I soooo LOVE my bestie Sarah!!!! These weddings have been so fabulous bc it's allowed us to be together at least once a month! Don't know what I'll do when Laura's wedding is over :(

Absolutely adore the blog Sarah!!! Can't wait to see you...just a couple more weeks!