Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I am Loving This Bright Wednesday!

First off, I am loving that the sweet sweet Lindsey over at Magnolia's and Goobers gave me this sweet blog award!! 
Thanks, Pretty Lady! These little awards make my day!! :) 

I will do a quick version of my 7 facts....
1. I have lived in 8 states, 7 before I was, not an army brat...just the joys of my Daddy moving up the corporate ladder! :)
2. I have a very strange foot phobia, I hate them. All of them....hate them. And the hubs thinks is funny to chase me around the couch or bed with his feet and watch me squirm.
3. I officially have baby fever.....trying not to pressure the hubs too much! :) 
4. I am addicted to Diet Mountain Dew and candy....yet, I have never had a cavity!
5. I am a full fledged Daddy's girl, and damn proud of it!
6. I am a die hard Ole Miss fan and everything about The Grove and Oxford, have to be there to understand...but once you will! (I am also an ever-growing Tennessee, you baby!! :))
7. I can't whistle.....never have been able to...probably  never will.....

Okay those are totally random facts.....but you will have to forgive me as I am not feeling too hot today...I am not loving that....
I am hoping that it will go away very soon! Because I am loving the that I am meeting my girls for margaritas tonight!
I am loving that I will be with ALL my girls in just 1 month at the beach!!! Can. Not. Come. Soon. Enough!!!
 I am also loving the new American Idol! Am I the only one who is loving the new judges??? Love it!
 I am loving the fact that hubs is wanting to take a vacation....almost demanding it (as if he needed to!)....we are thinking of going back to Cabo! We went 3 years ago and it was the easiest, most relaxing, and beautiful trip! Yes, please!!!
And of course....I am loving this sweet, handsome, man!
Happy Wednesday....and cross your fingers I don't get sick seeing has how my boss has been out with the flu... :(


Mrs. Magnolia said...

Wow, y'all were some serious movers! Somehow I have totally missed the fact that you are an Ole Miss girl. Crazy. Hotty Toddy! And baby fever huh??

Totally jealous of your margarita night tonight & your trip to (hopefully) Cabo!

Liv Kit @ Simply Sunshine and Daisys said...

Great loves! Happy Wednesday!