Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Showering of the Bride, The Partying of the Engagement, and Super-bowling it!

Okay, lots and lots and lots of pics of this weekend.......seriously, picture overload.....

Here are some pics from the shower we hosted for my BFF this past weekend! 

Katie P testing out the fruits! :)
me having fun with my new camera and showing off my mad cooking skills.... :) Sausage/Cream Cheese Roll-Ups...mmmm!
Mini Chicken Biscuits and Fruit Skewers with Fruit Dip!
Homemade mini veggie quiche, shrimp and cheese grits, and hash brown casserole.....double mmmmm!
Booze for the....
Mimosa Bar and.....
Bloody Mary Bar!
Personalized drink stirrers I made, didn't they turn out cute?!?!

The bride on the left....

everyone getting their grub on!
Pom-poms that I made, such an easy little project that adds so much fun!!
The Bride-To-Be getting ready for presents!
Katie P tackling the "bow"-quet!
there are a TON of these pics of all the stuff she got...girl got hooked up!!!
the finished product!

All the hosts!
All the bridesmaids!
with her momma and soon to be momma-in-law! :)

So then we cleaned up the house....had lunch....attempted to relax sit and breath for a few minutes and then get ready for the Engagement Dinner! 

Me and my hottie!
 some of the girls....
 a few more of the girls....
 another of me and my hubby!
 me and the Bride!
That's all I got from this party...but it was awesome! Open bar, all my BFFs (well most of 'em! :)), a beautiful home, and yummy food! It was awesome!! So we celebrated way past my bed time then woke up to kiss Meredith and her fiance goodbye so they could start the trek back to Jackson, MS......and then I started cooking for the Superbowl Party!!

Here is some of the food....and let me just say again, my friends can cook! We all made and brought a few items, here is what I can remember...
Hot Chicken 
(the only thing bought, but this is a Nashville thing and is a must for football parties!!)
Chili/Cheese/Bean Dip
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Blue Cheese Coleslaw
Jalapeno Corn Dip (with crushed ritz crackers on top...mmmm!!)
2 kinds of pigs in a blanket
and then I made
Summer sausage/cheese footballs
Goat Cheese stuffed Peppa dews wrapped in bacon
Football Oreo Truffles (thanks to the lovely Bakerella!, I made them last year and they were a big hit! so why not make it a tradition!??!
whew! I think that was it......

 all the men checkin' out Miss Anna Rivers! :)
 boys enjoying the grub!
can you see my Maylie girl??? she hit her party limit and made herself a little spot on top of all the jackets in the guest room! how cute!?!?!?
 Otto decided he was going to be a lap dog....
 and he kept moving and getting more and more in  my lap....it was pretty funny!
 I think she was happy they won! :)
 Too much fun!!
 So that was my long, fun, exhausting, fabulous, friend-filled, party-filled weekend!!


Katie said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend!! That liquor clip of you buying all the alcohol was hilarious! :)

Kendra said...

that looks like such a fun weekend.! Cant go wrong with friends and parties.!

Jami said...

Looks like a very fun and eventful weekends! I love weekends that make great memories!

A Bride In Boots said...

I adore those football truffles! And where did you get your hot chicken - Prince's? I've been on a search for some of Nashville's finest!