Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day!!

It's Valentines Day!! 

And for some reason this year I am very cheesy excited about it! :) Maybe it's because the hubby surprised me with some fabulous dinner reservations! 
Now, you must understand, my hubby has his romantic moments...but he is a guy...raised with no sisters and a bunch of boy cousins....just a bunch of when we say "let's not do a whole lot this year, not buy big presents or spend a lot of money"...he does just that...nothing. And of course, I buy a card, write sweet notes, surprise him with breakfast in bed or cook him his famous know, what any woman would do! Sweet gestures without spending the money. It's my own fault, he felt terrible both times and said he "thought we were doing anything" and he was right...what, I just expect him to read my mind and know exactly what I am thinking, that's not too much to ask, is it!? HA!:) 
Well the past 2 years this has been the case, so when everyone kept asking us what we were doing for Valentines Day I kept saying, "nothing, we spent a lot on Christmas and we don't want to fight the crowds for dinner". Well, about the 4th time this happened the hubs asked "why do you keep saying that? why wouldn't we do anything?" and I said in my most honest voice with no intention of being snarky and mean "well, we haven't for the past 2 years, why would we this year?".....the look on his poor sweet face! He felt terrible and that was soooo not my intention, I just meant I really wasn't going to expect anything....and that is fine, totally fine! He responded with a very smug look on his face and saying, "for your information, I made reservations at _______ last week. so, how about that?!" I just giggled and said, really????!?!?! He said "yes, I have some making up to do for you!" 
I love that he still makes me giddy and giggly all while still surprising me! 

I love you, honey! Happy Heart Day to my most favorite Valentine!! :) 

And for your viewing pleasure here are some fun pics from my fave website


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!


Mrs. Magnolia said...

How sweet is your husband. Happy Valentine's day!

{av} said...

yay! my hubby stepped it up this year too...and I totally wasn't expecting it! hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day! can't wait to read more from you, pretty lady :) xoxo {av}

Mrs. Magnolia said...

You might want to check my blog. You got a little award :)