Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I am Loving on This Lovely Wednesday!

Hi there blogging world! It's that time again....time for what I am loving today....and it is kinda random today folks....just a warning.....
First off...I am loving and am so proud of the Auburn Tigers and the SEC for yet another National Championship Title!!! Yes, that is number 5 in a row for the SEC!!
I also want to share this pic of my BFF...she went to the game (her fiance went to Auburn) and she wen to Ole Miss (with me! :)) so here she is representing Auburn and some Ole Miss Love!! LOVE IT!
 I am loving that it is Wednesday, which means.....
that I love that we have two more days until the weekend!!
I am loving the fact that the only plans we have for the weekend is a birthday celebration on Friday and then I can be laa-zzyyy for the remainder!!! :)
I am REALLY loving this sweet Blogger award from Katie at Keep Calm & Carry On! Totally adorable and cute and fun should totally check her out! :)

I am loving the Scrabble App on my is sooooo addicting!
I am loving that I randomly found this pic at hear Jem!

And of course, I am reeeeally loving this man! We grow closer and more in love every single day and I realize every single day how lucky I am to have found him! I love you, Mr. B!


Marah said...

i'm ready for friday too!

i'm a new follower from what i'm loving wednesday.

i'd love for you to stop by my blog and follow back!

Emily P. said...

LOVE the last photo!

Kate said...

Your list is so cute and the picture of you and your hubby!! :) I'm a new follower and also did this list. Hope you'll come visit!


Leah said...

beautiful picture, newly following your blog from WILW.

Megan said...

Love that last picture! So gorgeous!! I used to LOVE really, I wanted to be her!! Haha.

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Lazy weekends are my favorite kind of weekends :)

I'm definitely going to have to find that Scrabble app on our iPad...I love Scrabble!

d.a.r. said...

This is the first weekend since mid-November that I haven't been out of town or busy with a billion plans. I am SO excited to stay in my pjs all day Sunday and clean and get caught up on my DVR haha!

Tiffany said...

so proud for the SEC!!! Adorable pic of u and ur hubs!