Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Random Array of Photos.....

Okay here is the past few weeks in photos....
First....we have Garth....and it was awesomely awesome!
And a little Trisha Yearwood singing "She's in Love with the Boy"!
A view of from our cabin in the Smokies at Christmas...before the snow of course....
 One of the floors.... I wanna go back.....
 our massive amount of cookies....all that tupperware in the back is stacked up...that is a raised counter...massive amount of cookies, I tell ya!
 How sweet are my cousins?! Christmas is so much more fun with kiddies around!
Now begins my obsession with playing with my camera......
you can see everything on that sucker!
what's up?
Maylie and her Daddy!
 Sweet boy with my sis-in-law
see my pretty wine glass!...okay not as good as the one from yesterday, but give me time, I have only had it 2 weeks! sheesh!
 "too cool to take pictures" face
view from our cabin over New Years!
and the fire pit begins!
more fire pit....
our little partay!
this was taken when it was pitch black! how cool is this camera?!
New Year's dinner!!!
a little bubbly!
caught cha!
best picture of the weekend! HA!
 our last dinner
mmmmmm!!! Please notice my tiny amount of black eyed peas....I hate them....but who am I to mess with good luck?!?!
and one of my sweet little man to end it!

Tomorrow's Friday!! And The Hubs is taking me on a date night tonight...I am a happy lady!! :) 

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Kendra said...

How fun, that cabin looks to die for.!! I am super jealous. I am glad you had a good new years. Hope you have a great year. :)