Friday, January 7, 2011

My Country Strong Review

 So, the hubs and I went to see the much anticipated movie for most Nashvillians and many others with all the award hype it is getting, Country Strong. 
My first thought of it is it is a really good movie. The acting and the music are both really amazing. I loved it all....until the end....and that is all I will say, but it is definitely worth seeing.
First off, let me just say about Gwyneth....girl.can.sang! (to be said in your most twangy accent!) I mean what she did at the CMAs just didn't do her justice, she really can carry quite the tune! She was awesome in this movie, I just love her anyway but, I love how she didn't overdo the southern accent and she was so great in the role. You are really pulling for her!
All that being said about ol' Gwyneth...I do believe that Mr. Tim McGraw is getting overshadowed yet again (he was so good in The Blind Side, but Sandra's awesomeness overshadowed him). He totally proved that he isn't just another singer trying to get more time in the spot light, he is a seriously good actor. Seriously! I hope he gets recognized for it too!

Next up, Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester, she was really good too. 
She is the bubbly "Country Barbie Doll"...big hair, loves "Kelly and Jesus", wants to fall and love and be famous. I did like seeing her out of the only role I have ever seen her in. I think she will have a future passed good ol' Gossip Girl! :)

On to my favorite part....the new kid on the block....Garrett Hedlund....
I didn't know who this was until after the movie, but I totally had a crush on him the whole time! His country boy roughness, his singing and crowd love, his big heart that he won't show/give, and that adorable smile! (the hubs said he was tired of looking at his teeth, ha!)

But really, how cute is this guy? He is supposedly in a bunch of new movies coming out.. (yay!)..and a little movie trivia, he was in Friday Night Lights (the movie) with fellow actor Tim McGraw who played his dad!
it's official....I have a new crush...
So, that's what I got. It really was a good movie, I just...I'm gonna shut up...I don't want to ruin it for anyone. If you are a Nashvillian you will definitely appreciate seeing all of Nashville and some familiar faces.Go check it out.

So now, I have a few meetings today, then I am off to take care of my BFF with some mani/pedi action to keep her busy and happy as her Daddy is having a very serious surgery today to remove cancerous tumors....say some prayers for her and her family please. 

Tonight all of the girls are going out to dinner for a little ladies night (been too long!), then I am spending the rest of the weekend trapped in the house with my hubs and the pups eagerly waiting for yet another big snow!!

Happy Weekend Lovelies!!!


Katie said...

I want to see this!! Thanks for the review :) When I saw the previews, I was like who is that hot new guy?!?! sooo cute!

Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

I've been wanting to see this movie, and honestly, just because Garrett Hedlund is in it! I know, horrible of this TN girl! I think he is just a doll, and I love the rugged look in this movie. {Funny story, I had someone come to the house a couple days ago to do some work, and I kept thinking 'where in the world have I seen this guy before?' turns out he just reminded me of Garrett and his look in Country Strong. So let's just say he was a doll as well! haha} Thanks for the review, and I seriously can't wait to see this movie!

Baily Jones said...

Thanks for this review. It was a really good one, to be honest - well done! haha. I can't wait to see it... I believe it's on the agenda for Tuesday.. our theaters fo $5 movies on Tuesday (even post-matinee)... heck yeah!
I'm a country gal and I love me some of that new boy... he looks BEST as a country boy, and that's not just my biased opinion.

I love your header, btw. Umm.. prob in my Top 10 favs!

Katie said...

PS- Tagged you in an award on my blog today!! check it out :)