Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Hi there blogging world and Happy Monday to ya! Can I just say Mondays don't seem to be that bad in the month of December.....I don't get nearly as cranky!! :) I had a delightful weekend....and I will give you the full re-cap....starting with this.....

Christmas Cards are out and DONE!!! And I got a fun green ink pad for our adorable stamp! Loves it!
 Friday night we went over to our neighbors house for dinner, where he proceeded to smoke chicken AND a rack of lamb....oh, my, gawd...was it good! And I got to spend the evening playing with this 4 week old little princess!
Awww, it just brings out my baby fever! :) Look at those little ruffles....and you should have seen the front of the shirt!!! Awww, melts my heart!

Then we decided to have a photo shoot with the pups in front of our tree....I had to show this one, Maylie looks so sly and innocent....HA!
Smiling so pirdy!
Can ya tell I was drinking red wine?!??! :)
Then Saturday we cleaned a little and I spent the morning cooking....making buffalo chicken dip, a cheese tray, cheese ball, bacon crisps and then attempted to make cookies with my cookie press....which ended with the untimely death of my cookie press....I hate that thing....

then some of my favorite couples came over bringing TONS of food and yummy cocktails for the last football game watching party until the Super Bowl! Here are some pics.....

The Men!
The Ladies!
I gave Dawn Taylor my UT hat.....why does no one understand that yes, my husband is a Vol....but I, am a rebel!!! Looks better on her any who and she looooooooved it! :)
Me and my little punkin!
"Merry Christmas from The Taylors!"
too funny...Otto is not allowed on the couch....but he scooted back with his but, lifted his hind legs up then laid his head on the ottoman....sooo glad we got a pic! and please notice the striped sweater behind him....that's Maylie Lou cuddling with him! You think we love our pups?!
They got the visor on me....had to take a pic.....
DT loves Mr. Man.!
It was love on the pups night.....
see....again I say, I think we love our pups..... :)
Then Sunday we woke up to every kids dream.....SNOW! I cannot believe it! We are barely into December and we already have snow....and it continued today!! Of course it didn't stick...but it was still pretty flying around the sky....and it was some BIG OL snowflakes!! :)
So that was our weekend! I have a very busy week and and an even busier weekend ahead!! Yay for December!!!
Hope you all had a great weekend and have a fabulous week!!

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