Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend Recap and SNOW!!!!

So, I was a little delayed on this post due to this.....we had to drive back from good old Mississippi in this....here is our street when we got home! Crazy!
So, yesterday I stayed home...I don't trust myself driving in this, let alone anyone else! :) I got a snow day! I love my job! :)

Now, on to the weekend recap! I went to Jackson to hang out with my bestest girls from high school! The 4 of us have been through it all...literally...and we are still closer than ever! With 2 of us here in Nashville and 2 in Jackson we can always make a point to meet up for a girls weekend and pretend like we are still in high school or college! :) This particular weekend was special, we hosted a party for one for the 4, Miss Meredith...the pretty blonde below, and her upcoming nuptials!
Here is on Friday night at Katie P's house for dinner and cocktailsssssss! :)
Me and My Laura
The ladies!
The damn oyster crackers...these things are made with fabulous seasonings including the powdered ranch mix and dill....they are dangerous! We finished them off by the end of the night.....the were quite the highlight of the evening.....
The "big hunk of meat" Ray made for us....stuffed w/ goat cheese, onions, and mushrooms....mmmmmmm!
And now begins pics of the par-tay! We hosted it at Meredith's parent's new home, and it was one of the most beautiful homes ever! Makes it very easy to throw a party at....all we needed was food and table decor! :)

The bar
The boys enjoying the bar....
one of the food tables...
another shot....
and yet, another shot....
more food....
me and my b-e-a-u-tiful momma! how pirdy is she!?!?!
My besties!
Pretty arrangement Katie P made!
Cheerleader Pose!
Love this one....with two of my favorites in the whole world!
My hot hubby!
My adorable folks!
The hostesses and the bride to be!
love them!
her bow-quet! :)
and then this is us at the bar after the party (always a good idea, right?)...perfectly explains us when we get together!

and that was our weekend! It was sooooo fun and went by way too fast! Good news is they will all be coming up to Fabulous Nashvegas in just a little over a month for some parties for Miss Laura!!! YAY!!!!!!!!


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