Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday! - Favorite Games

Okay, I have not played Top 2 in quite some time and I saw this topic and thought I had to.
You see I love playing board games with the hubs, the fam, the friends.....especially with the weather turning the way it is...when it is snowy and icey, stay home with some wine, some good food and some games to keep us entertained! Actually, here is a pic of our "Margarita Snow Day" last year....so fun!

which leades me to my first game....

1. Apples to Apples
This is the most fun, everyone can play, not a lot of concentration needed, game! This is good for dinner parties or family events because they are fairly short games, very easy, and just fun! If you haven't played, I highly recommend the Party Edition! :)

2. Scrabble
I love scrabble....just love...always have...always will...

I am obsessed with Words with Friends on my iPhone too....

I have about 6 games going at any given time....

So those are my faves! Now head over to Taylor's and link up and play along! :)


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