Thursday, December 16, 2010

Romantic, Friend-Filled, Anniversary-Celebrating, Birthday Weekend....

Okay I am officially ready and way too excited about this weekend! Friday night we won't be doing too too much, maybe finishing up any last minute Christmas shopping....
But then Saturday we are going to this awesome hotel!!!
For a little staycation celebrating a few things....
{1.} 2 years to the date of this happening....My hot little boyfriend (at the time) took me to dinner the night before my birthday party so that we could celebrate it together then took me to Opryland to look at all the Christmas lights...little did I know he was planning on making me his wife! :) Here is the pic taken right after he did it in front of the fountain where he wished "that we would live happily ever after!" cheesy, I know....but that man has my heart and those were the most wonderful words I had ever heard!! :)
{2.} The reason we are staying there is because my amazing parents got us a Romantic Getaway package at Opryland for our 1-year anniversary! How awesome are they?! You see we are dorks when it comes to that hotel....we met there, I worked there for 2 years, we go every year to look at the Christmas lights, we both grew up going there at Christmas, aaaaaaand he proposed there....duh, so they know that place has a big place in our hearts! Aaaaaaand it just happened that this was the only date that we had available to do it!

Which brings me to number {3.}, Sunday is my birthday!

Now, I am a holiday baby so back in college and high school it was always fun because everyone would be home for the holidays and out of school so we would have a big-ole-party that was really just a mini-reunion masked as my birthday party....but nevertheless, it was fun every single year! But now since we are grown ups and have holiday party after holiday party, plus traveling, plus all the other fun parts of being an adult during the holidays, my parties have scaled down a few notches and are just my closest friends....if they can make it! :) And I love those kinds of parties...where everyone can enjoy each other! And the fact that I am getting closer to that big scary number of 3-0 I don't get quite as "birthday girl" as I used too.
That being said, I am soooo pumped that my friends are coming out to meet us at Opryland to celebrate over dinner & drinks! We will start at this lovely new restaurant....Solario..the new Mexican restaurant..with infused Tequilas....mmmmm!!
Then maybe some drinks here.....
another view....
then maybe one here.....
(ps, this picture does not do this place is all white with red chairs on the side, clean lines silvers...very mod and pretty...I'll take better ones! :)
Then I can guarantee we will end the night at Findley's Irish Pub! We looooooove Irish Pub's, and this one is uber fun with live Irish music! :)
(again, I will take a better picture)
Then we will make our way back to our newly renovated room....and sleep the night away and I will wake to a new twenty-something age! :)
I can't wait!! 

What are ya'll up to this weekend?!
Happy Thursday!!


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I hope you have such a wonderful birthday!!