Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Christmas Wish List....

Okay, so I have been asked many times already what I want for Christmas and it is always hard to "tell" people what to get happens to every one every year...we get put on the spot and can't come up with what we really want.
Well, I have been thinking harder this year because this the first time the hubs has asked what I wanted, he normally makes no mention of presents and it is a total that threw me off a little bit.....any who....I have been thinking....a lot....and I have been checking out all of your posts with your lists and it gave me some great here we go......

First, the one thing I had no problem saying I wanted and have wanted for a while....

A Big Girl Camera!!
I don't know a whole lot about these to know what I really need and don't need...I mean I am not trying to be a professional photog or anything...I just want to be able to take really good pictures of us, the pups, my gorgeous city, and future baby bs! I have seen a few reviews and so far this is the one I think I like, the Nikon D3000 Digital SLR. I have had Nikons for years now and I like them AND this one has the 3 inch LCD scree which some of these babies don't have....isn't she pretty?!?!
and with that I of course will of these pretty little straps!  

looove the ruffles...
so cute!

 Then there is my love of Coach!
I saw this on Oprah's favorite things...and I don't normally get sucked in, but that nude patent leather...ahhhh, I think I need it!
A new Hobo wallet, I have one now and have had it for about 4 years....I love it and it is still going strong, but I need more credit card spaces...and this pretty little thing has them! I heart Hobo!
Momma needs a new pair of boots!! I want some good ol rugged cowboy boots...but with a little bit of girlishness to them....and I think these are just the ticket! Worn in, distressed, but a little scrunch for fun! :)

These are gawgeous! Prada PR 58 ms....I want, I need, I have a problem with sunglasses......

See....look how cute these Michale Kors' are!!! Notice a trend......
Next, a refill of my Chanel Chance...I am getting a little low and I looooove this perfume! But make sure you go with the Eau De Toilette Spray....the regular can be a little strong.. 

An Infinity Scarf....I just love these, any scarf for that matter....but these are just fun....and one of Santa's Elves sent me a few pics to decided which pattern I I have a feeling I am already getting one... :)
I love my basic silver necklaces, I have a wishbone and a circle and I wear one just about everyday, so now I need a gold one! I had one and lost it and have yet to find another one I like. I found this pretty little jewels at Tiffany so you can imagine...but aren't they cute....

and with that I need a Gold Watch! Now these are tricky....I like big ones, not too girly....but it is hard to find one of those with out it looking cheap or tacky. This Michael Kors watch does it divinely!! :)
We are in desperate need of a new rug for the bedroom.....and I am pretty picky about rugs...mainly because I hate spending a lot of money on a is just the way it is with dogs....but we need one! I love this one by Jill Rosenwald Fallon Contemporary Rug in Grey and Ivory. It would be perfect!

Wow....I came up with a lot of stuff....who knew?!?!

What is on your list?!


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