Monday, December 27, 2010

iPhone photo dump and a short Christmas Re-Cap

So, I saw another blog doing the phone dump and I thought that would be perfect for me since I was a total slacker when it comes to pictures this holiday! Now, in my defense my dad and cousins were going crazy with the pictures and are uploading them all to a family photo page so I figured I can get them all from there and share with you soon! :) 

First, my crappy picture of garth from my phone....I have a few others on my camera....but was AWESOME! My throat hurt so bad Wednesday morning from screaming so much, he danced around the entire show and played for almost 3 hours! I love you, Garth.
Now begins a few pics from the cabin....

First, this one is hysterical. My sweet cousin went to do the dishes and filled it with dish soap rather than dishwasher soap...the look on my dad's face when he walked around the counter to find bubbles EVERYWHERE! I got there too late for the good pic, but this still gets the point across! :)

 Then, here is a pic of one section of booze.....look at all those mini bottles...why are thing so much more fun miniaturized?!

Here is our view from the top balcony......

Then the Hubby and I decided to head down into town (Gatlinburg) for some people watching, taffy, and Trey's favorite....Fannie Farkels Smoked Sausage..... (Fannie Farkels is an old school arcade on the strip in Gatlinburg and the only food they sell are these lovely things and corn dogs.....see 2 pics below)
And let me just tell you these pics don't do it justice....this thing is HUGE! with peppers and onions and mustard all over it...mmmmm!
I saw/smelled the corn dogs and decided I needed to try one....I mean...look at this thing! I can only imagine what I looked like eating it...but it was sooooo freakin' good!! And in good husband/wife fashion we switched half way through! :)
 Next we passed this restaurant with the pretty window drawing....I had to take a picture....I mean really?!?!
 Then we got back to the cabin just in time to see our new friends.....
it was so cool, there were 10 of us on the deck talking, yelling, taking pics, and they were so chill....just hung out for a bit!
Then the snow came......
Remember that picture could see all the pretty mountains....well they are somewhere back there....
Trey and I were suppose to leave Christmas Day....then the snow just kept coming and coming and coming. We both accepted the fact that we were stuck, and could be there until Tuesday....which made us both kinda sad because we had 2 other "Christmases" to get to. It was bittersweet...we had a beautiful snow covered cabin on the very top of a beautiful snow covered mountain, my amazing family, and more unbelievably delicious food then we could eat in a week, and new toys to play with....but we were running out of booze, had more family to see and work to get to on Monday.....then we saw a small window of opportunity....the driveway started to melt a little...see below...if we were gonna do it, we had to do it now!
I don't think we have ever loaded up that yeep (yes, it is spelled jeep, but we call it "The Yeep!") so quickly. I was terrified, sat there stiff, eyes wide, until I slapped them closed with my hands when I was scared, slid a little bit, saw cars everywhere...then 20 minutes later we were down the mountain! And thank god we did! My whole family is still there and it is STILL snowing! They have about 7 inches and are expected to get more today! Who knows when they are about Cabin Fever!!!

On to a few of the presents.....first, we got this nice little iPad! And really, I didn't think we would use one that much....but we have used it non-stop since we opened it...I love it!!! Thanks mom and dad!!!
And favorite present....the one I wanted soooooooooo badly and didn't think I was going to get do to the fact that my dad gave one to my mom at 7am Christmas morning before everyone else got up.....yes, I was jealous of my sweet momma....and even more jealous because it was the Nikon D3100 and all I wanted was the D3000....but she was so excited and we all immediately started playing with it! Then after almost all the presents had been opened The Hubs gave me my present from him....not at all what I was expecting from him due to the price tag....but he is THE greatest husband in the world....GREATEST!!! Not only did he get me the D3100, he also got the 55-200mm VR Zoom lens *** was a 70-300mm VR Zoom bad, baby! :)*** and this fabulous bag!! I was blown away....I love this camera...LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! I love playing with it and seeing how crappy all of my old pictures were compared to the ones taken on this puppy! I love it! AND CANNOT wait to take classes and learn how to do all the fancy tricks!

Thank you, Frankie! You have no idea how good you did!! :) I love and adore you!!!

And next, the most unexpected present......My Amazingly-Awesome, Fabulously-Wonderful, Unbelievably-Loving Parents are taking me, the hubs, my brother, sister-in-law, and my niece to...........The Most Magical Place on Earth.......

Walt Disney World!!!!!!!!!!!!

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! I jumped up and down like a little kid, was pretty was like I was 5 all over again! :)
I can. not. wait. until May!!!
THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!! You guys are amazing and I really do want to be you when I grow up!!! Really.
And that's all I got for today! I will try to get more pics of the house, the food, the fam, and all the presents to post later this week! Now, I just have to get through the next 3 days and then we are heading back up the mountain with some of my favorite people for a little Cabin Celebrating of the New Year!!
I hope you all had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did!!


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