Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday! Yippee!!

I don't know about you people out there....but I am soooooo happy it's Friday!! This week has gone by fast, but I am tired and feel like I am trying to get sick and just don't have time to get sick! My month of December leaves me no wiggle room! :)

Tonight we are going over to some friend's of ours that I know from high school and happened to move in just down the street from us! They just had their first baby, a precious precious little girl named Anna she is at a whopping 4 days old! :)
Now she is all grown at 4 weeks old...oh my goodness, she'll be a month on Sunday, crazy!!! We will be having dinner and "much needed adult time" according to the momma! :)

Then tomorrow we are having some friends over to watch the last SEC game of the season (minus the bowl games of course) and I am pulling for the Tigers! I have always been a closet Auburn fan since I went to an Ole Miss game there back in college and the fact that they are Alabama's rival helps too! :) So I will be screaming "War Cam Eagle" all day! :)

I think I am gonna make some of that fabulous Buffalo Chicken Dip....easy, totally yummy, always a crowd pleaser, and perfect for football watching! And my culinary talented friends are gonna bring all kinds of goodies too....I should just give up the diet for the month of December......
And we need something sweet too right....I think I will make these yummy little cookies with my fabulous cookie press from Pampered Chef!

And Sunday the Hubs and I will tackle the outdoor decorations.......

 .............and then I can do a "Christmas Decor" post for you next week! :) YAY!! time to be sick....and you should see my schedule for the next two weeks!

Happy Friday and hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!


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