Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things!....part one

Okay, I am TOTALLY way too much into the Christmas's official.....and it's only December 1st! I just love it! My house is warm, toasty, pretty, festive, and colorful and my spirits are singing carols! So with that being said he are a few of my favorite "Christmas" things.....

First, Hot Apple Cider.....there is nothing better than cozying up with a warm mug full of Christmas in front of a fire.....which brings me to my next two....
just because I love cider does not mean that I do not adore my Starbucks and their Red Christmas is just more fun to drink out of the red ones, isn't it?! And not to mention all the fun holiday flavors!
and as previously mentioned cozying up to a Warm Home Fire.....oh how I now appreciate my husband for being so adamant about having a fireplace when were searching for a house! AND a real wood burning one at that! I love cuddling up with him and our pups to watch a movie....preferably a Christmas movie.........such as...
White Christmas! I LOVE this movie!! I grew up watching this movie every year with my mom. I still know every word, every song, every dance move, and I still get excited! Last year was the hubs' first time to see it and he actually enjoyed it! I think we will be carrying on the tradition!
On that note....I am totally one to get sucked into the cheesy terrible ABC Family/Lifetime Christmas Movies....which I love and watch them every time! The hubs...not so much!:)
maybe with a big bowl of these......have you tried the new Mint M&Ms.....oh. my. gawd......dangerous, I tell you, dangerous!!!
Next on my list, all things Christmas Lights...on the trees, the mantle, the doors, and especially the houses!! The drive home from work when it is already dark outside is not quite as bad when you can stare at these pretty things the whole way!....that could create some issues with driving well though.... :)
Wrapping Paper and Bows! Yes, I am weird and I love them....strangely enough....I love wrapping presents! I always did my brother's and my dad' I do my hubby's too and I love it! Check out these adorable wrapping jobs I found on this fabulous little blog! Looooooooove those labels!!
Christmas Carols!! Yes, I have caught myself singing in the stores, at home, and on my way to work thanks to  XM and their fabulous holiday stations!!
And of course, Mistletoe! This picture does the splaining...:)
And we all know my love affair with Christmas Cards! They decorate the mantle so pretty, make you feel loved and thought of, and they are just so fun and pretty!! :)
 Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's all I got for now....I will have a few more of "my favorite things" to come!

We're half way through the week! Happy December Everyone!!!


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