Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh I how I adore Christmas Cards!

Hi my name is Sarah and I am a Christmas Card Dork....I LOVE sending them and I LOVE receiving them. 

Let's be serious all of our mail is is junk and when you see pretty colored envelopes or personal handwriting you get excited...right?! Right?! Well I do! And I love displaying them all over my mantle! Makes me feel so loved!

I found this awesome deal on another blog I followed and got really excited! Not only do I love a good deal, I had no idea shutterfly did Christmas cards, and letmetellyou they are cuuu-uuuute! Check out these....which can be found here.... do I choose which one?!?!? What's your pick?!!?

And the best most of you already know....bloggers can get 50 free cards by clicking here! How awesome is that?!?! 



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