Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My poor poor Rebels...

So for you those of you who do not follow college football....it wasn't pretty. At all. My poor poor rebels lost 14 to........uggghhh 52....it just got worse and worse and I was in a sea of orange with none of my rebels in sight....but as I told my friends "you get touch downs, I get the whiskey...." :). But, even though my heart was breaking, we, who am I kidding, I managed to still have a fabulous time....they were all beyond having a good time with their big win! :)

Any who, here are some pics from K-Town!

Friday night, heading out!
Two of my favorite people in the whole world!!!
 Game Day! Cheers to us still loving each other after the game! :) just kidding..... :)
The hubs in front of the new Neyland Statue....he was excited....
we are clearly a house divided.....got strange looks when we held hands all day....
 I found out this chair had a foot rest...and it was propped in front of the tv.....i claimed it for quite a while.....
found my Laura after the game.....the Lone Rebels!
and then Emily....would have been nice having one of them sitting next to me at the game.... :)
we still loved each other...I was dealing and he was cheering...
(I'm a poet and didn't know it... ha ha..okay sorry, I'll stop....)
 see...still proud...
she made a belt....and a "t"!
 love me some dt!
And that's all I got. Overall it was a great weekend! Sad loss for us Rebels, but hey- we did it to them last year...it was only fair (this is what I kept telling myself to get through the day...)! So here's to another 4 years before we do it again...next 2 years Georgia, then 2 years of Florida, then we welcome the Vols back to Oxford for another beat down! Yep, I am going to go ahead and predict it! :)

Hope everyone has a great day....especially all those Nashvillians out there on this gloomy rainy day!


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