Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'mmmmmm Baaaa-aaaaackkkkk!

Okay, I have been a terrible blogger.....buuuut, I have still been reading all of your lovely little blogs when I get a few free minutes at work!

My new job keeps me out of the office a lot and that is where I am used to blogging....... aaaaaand it has also kept me very busy. I am finally settling in and getting into a good comfort zone and loving the new job. Loving it!

I have also really missed blogging! It has come is spurts.....I find an awesome mascara and want to share it....or I see a new fabulous movie and want to rate it....or I see awesome things happen in other blogger's blogs and want to comment, and most of all....I miss have my electronic memory keeper! I love looking back at old posts when I have the chance and see what was happening in my life at that time and old pictures and fun times. So, I am back. I will commit to being good again!! :) And being BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER!!

And in honor of coming back bigger and better than ever, I have begun the steps of an all new re-do, re-model, re-design of my little bliggity blog! And I can not wait! I have always done all of my blog (excluding this lovely little background from designerblogs), I taught myself how to do the fonts, the header, the pics, the colors, the borders, all that stuff.....and in my hiatus I forgot how I did all of it and just don't have the energy to re-teach myself....nor the time! So, I have a lovely new blog design coming from one of my fave designers I have been checking out for a while now....more on that in the next few weeks.

But I am very excited to back and be a part of this awesome blogging community! I love having all these fun little friendships through the awesomeness that is a blog!!

Happy Hump Day Folks!!


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