Monday, November 29, 2010

Ho Hum...back to work

Happy Monday Folks!
I hope you all had an absolutely fabulous Thanksgiving holiday!!
I did, but I am exhausted from all the traveling and was not quite ready for that alarm to go off this morning! :)
I was all over the place last week, East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee, and good ol' Oxford, MS! Yes, after Turkey day I hopped in the car with my BFF and we headed down to the beautiful home of The Ole Miss Rebels! Sadly, our Rebels broke our hearts and gave the game to the stupid stinky bulldogs (yes, college football resorts to petty name calling), but we won't talk about that. I was a total slacker on the picture front, but as soon as I get some from my friends who were much better I will the mean time, here is what I am working with....
Friday Night....

And then....The absolute favorite place in the world...I should have gotten married there....although I don't think my orange-bleeding, die-hard UT fan of a husband would have enjoyed it quite as much as I did! :)
Two of my bestestes....yes, I make up words! :)
 And the best part, I got to see my Katie P! again!!! BEEN WAY TOO LONG! :)
But it always is....and I get to see her again in 2 weeks! PLUS Meredith! YAY! Yay for engagement parties!
  AAAANNNND, I finally got to meet the new man in her life! LOOOOOVE him!!
Love you girls! Had so much fun with you!!

Then got home to my hubby and spend a lazy Sunday with him and put up Christmas decorations!
Christmas decorations make me so happy! I was exhausted and did not want to get off the couch and stop watching all of my recorded terrible TV....but then I saw the big tupperware boxes filled to the top with Christmas decorations and got really really excited!
We got a ton of fabulous Christmas stuff as gifts last year since it was our first Christmas as newlyweds and that I totally forgot so it was a like Christmas opening Christmas decortations! :) We played Christmas music, lit holiday candles and decorated the afternoon away!
I think we should have twinkle lights up year round.....they give a great ambiance! Don't you agree!?!?!?
Here is a little sneak peak......

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend as well! 

YAY for the Christmas Season!!!!!

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