Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Friday!! AND HOTTY TODDY!!!

Hey there blogging peeps!!
This one will be short and sweet and lots o' pics due to the fact that I am running out to a meeting and then getting ready to head east to Knoxville for a Wifey VS Hubby kind of weekend...... Ole Miss is playing the Vols.....for the last time for 4 more years!
Those of you who don't know, the hubs is die hard orange and I am a die hard Rebel!! Here's to us coming back still loving each other....just kidding! :) Here are some pics from last year....and may I just remind you that my Rebels were the victors last year....just saying.....

My favorite place in the world......The Grove in Oxford!
 He's putting on a good smile...this is about half time....not pretty for the Vols....
love my awesome is this place?!
 the 2 UT fans...notice the sign of Kiffen in the back....I love it! :)
 back to the grove!

Happy Friday and HOTTY TODDY!!!!


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