Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday - Katie P's Trip!

Hello dear friends! I hope you are all doing fabulously on this lovely Thursday! I thought I would play along with Katie and her Thoughtless Thursday
because (a) it has been waaaaay to long since I have and (b) I have some pics to show from when my BFF, Katie P came to see me! :) So, without further a due.....

She had only been here about an hour and we were already dressed and cheesin' it up! :) Heading out to meet the girls...
 T-Word and her rockin' sunglasses
just a few of my faves.....

 the next night we headed over to Laura's were she cooked us dinner, learned what "getting iced" meant and played some cornhole!

 on the road to victory!
the cheerleaders!
 The Winners!
Girls Date night to Mama Mia's....where they proceeded to make fun at the amount of wine we brought {it's BYOB}.....clearly they don't know us when we get together....
 Saturday was time for Mrs. Taylor's Gatsby-esque, White-Themed, Birthday, House-warming Partay! Here are a few of us on our way....
 our chauffeur
 some of the grub...there was a TON and the fun sign under the tent!
 yard games!
 the lovely host with her lovely hairpiece..
 fans she was h.o.t.!
 please notice the creepy Gatsby-esque mustache my friend drew it!
 some of my favorite ladies!
My favorite Guy!!

So, those are the pics from Katie P's visit! I hope you enjoyed them and I hope you all have a lovely day!!


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Katie said...

love the pics! you and your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!

thanks for playing love!!!