Monday, July 19, 2010

Proud Wifey!

Happy Monday, Folks!!
Not too much to say today...other than I am glad it is the end of the work day because I CANNOT wait to get home and celebrate, pamper, and adore my hubby!! He started is new job today which is an job career!
And with all we have been through in the past year it is a huge breath of fresh air!!! He was so happy and giddy this morning to get in there and do exactly what he loves and has been wanting to do for a year!! I am going to pick up a special dinner and a special bottle of brown liquor {his fave!} for him and let him sit down and tell me all about it! :)
I love you, honey and I am so proud of you!!


And thank you God, for blessing him with this opportunity!!

Have a great evening, ladies!

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