Wednesday, July 14, 2010

car wreck, stuck in an elevator, and stuck on a runway for 3 hours......

Yes, all of this happen to me.....all in a matter of 4 days.....needless to say our trip to New York was interesting.......thought I would share....should be a good read.... :)

(good news is two things i have been most terrified of happened and i didn't have a panic attack....)

sooooo, the trip....we get to NY drive for an hour to hornell........upstate NY is having the biggest heatwave in like 20 it is hotter than hell, just about how hot it is here AND no air conditioning because normally they don't need it. so me, trey, mom, dad, arin, adam, and gracie are all in a expeditions with about 100 lbs of luggage....interesting. we go to dinner with my mom's fam, get hammered then stay at a lovely hotel in hornell....the only hotel in you can imagine.
then we head to niagra falls! stop in buffalo, NY to have lunch - this is Trey's heaven....where buffalo wings started! it was actually a really cool restaurant/bar! then we hop in the car, in the rain and we are supposed to be in Canada in 20 mins....then we stop in traffic, start to go again and proceed to get rammed from behind by the car behind us who was hit by the car behind her. now, remember this isn't even our car! one of the director's at the school let us borrow it and there are SEVEN people in the car!!! we look back and the window isn't there, all i picture is our luggage all over the interstate and the back end completely crunched in!!! my dad, trey and i jump out and there is NOTHING wrong! NOTHING! the back window popped open and that's it! couldn't believe it! then we look at the poor lady behind us, she had been hit by a truck towing a generator who couldn't stop in time, rammed her and i mean rammed, then tried to go around and side swiped her! so this poor lady got hit on 3 sides of her car!!! any who the kid was like 18 and about to cry the whole time because it was a work truck. so we sat on the side of the road for 2 and half hours while the cop did the report.

then, we sit in traffic and the border for an hour. so our 20 minute drive takes 3 + hours. so we get drunk.

then the next day we are heading downstairs to head back to rochester and me, trey, adam, gracie, and arin get stuck in the elevator at the hilton. stuck. i start freaking out saying this isn't happening, then we use the call button and it calls another elevator and they all laugh at us thinking we are kidding. so for the first 30 minutes no one knew we were there. i. was. freaking. out. tearing up but didn't want to freak out arin so i tried to calm, then we finally screamed loud enough that someone heard us and called for help. then I calmed down. 20 minutes later the doors magically opened. we RAN out. went downstairs and our parents were furious, thinking we were playing around at a bar or something!

THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN, yesterday we left rochester at 11:15 and connected in JKF, had a 1 1/2 layover that turned into 3 1/2 because the first captain was 45 minutes late, then we get on the plane and wait 45 minutes to taxi, then we drive around the JFK runway for 45 minutes then sit for 20, then the captain comes on and tells us he has gotten out of line to take off because we are being re-routed due to a storm and we don't have enough fuel since we have been sitting and driving around for 2 hours. so then we sit for another 30....then we get in line for take off again and we are 13th in line. 13th. so then flaming flight attendant starts giving us free booze because he feels so bad....poor guy, he was the only one on the plane. so once we finally get in the air our 1:45 min flight will now be 2:45 due to going around the storm.....

so we get home at like 11:30pm.

i. am. exhausted. still.

on the bright side i was able to start and finish reading "the help" thanks to all the "free" time......GREAT read, read it if you haven't, especially if you are from the south. you won't be able to put it down!!!

I have TONS of pictures (as you can imagine...), I will post tomorrow.




Erin said...

Holy cow, what a story! That's nuts, sorry about all of that but hope you had fun anyway!! And "The Help" is definitely a good read, I loved it :)

Will and Carley said...

OMG, Sarah!! Sounds like the first half of our honeymoon. You know, if something can go wrong, it will. If your Mr. is anything like mine, he probaly is only talking about how y'all got to eat at the birthplace of wings.....oh, p.s. getting stuck in an elevator is one of my all time fears. Glad you made it out alive.