Friday, July 30, 2010

Fill-in-the-blank-Friday AND New Orleans!!!

Happy Friday, Ladies!!
I hope everyone out there in blogging world is having a delightful day/week! I am in a particular good mood due to the fact that "I'm leaving on a jet plane {come on sing along! :)}" to...............

this fabulous city,
I heart New Orleans!
with these pretty ladies
for a weekend full of wedding dress/bridesmaid dress shopping for this pretty lady,
who is getting married on the beach next April!!! And I can. not. wait!

But first I will leave you with a fun little Fill In The Blank Friday from The Little Things We Do, by the way....of you haven't checked out her blog her should! ::)

1. The last thing I do before going to sleep is..... kiss my hubs goodnight!

2. When I can't sleep I..... toss around...huff & puff...get cranky....

3. The first thing I do when I wake up is..... take out my sweet puppies!
4. When I'm tired I..... get cranky and whine until I can get to my couch or bed.
5. My dream bedroom would be instead of describing...I'll show you...
I've shown this one before...doesn't it look just heavenly?!?!?

6. If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning it would be....... on beach. anywhere. preferably a different country. maybe santorini, greece, turks and caicos, or the french riviera, or even mexico.....

7. The longest sleep I've ever had was......... when I had mono....slept for like 3 weeks....with breaks to wake up and eat ice cream. and that was a lot of effort.

8. I sleep on....... my stomach for the most part...sometimes my back...

9. When I sleep, I like to wear..... boy shorts and a tank top...or one of the hubs' t-shirt :)

10. My bedtime is usually...... around 10....sometimes earlier...I like my sleep. Who am I kidding, I'm old.

And that's all she wrote kids! I hope everyone has a delightful weekend and I will have plenty of fun pics next week!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday - Katie P's Trip!

Hello dear friends! I hope you are all doing fabulously on this lovely Thursday! I thought I would play along with Katie and her Thoughtless Thursday
because (a) it has been waaaaay to long since I have and (b) I have some pics to show from when my BFF, Katie P came to see me! :) So, without further a due.....

She had only been here about an hour and we were already dressed and cheesin' it up! :) Heading out to meet the girls...
 T-Word and her rockin' sunglasses
just a few of my faves.....

 the next night we headed over to Laura's were she cooked us dinner, learned what "getting iced" meant and played some cornhole!

 on the road to victory!
the cheerleaders!
 The Winners!
Girls Date night to Mama Mia's....where they proceeded to make fun at the amount of wine we brought {it's BYOB}.....clearly they don't know us when we get together....
 Saturday was time for Mrs. Taylor's Gatsby-esque, White-Themed, Birthday, House-warming Partay! Here are a few of us on our way....
 our chauffeur
 some of the grub...there was a TON and the fun sign under the tent!
 yard games!
 the lovely host with her lovely hairpiece..
 fans she was h.o.t.!
 please notice the creepy Gatsby-esque mustache my friend drew it!
 some of my favorite ladies!
My favorite Guy!!

So, those are the pics from Katie P's visit! I hope you enjoyed them and I hope you all have a lovely day!!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Proud Wifey!

Happy Monday, Folks!!
Not too much to say today...other than I am glad it is the end of the work day because I CANNOT wait to get home and celebrate, pamper, and adore my hubby!! He started is new job today which is an job career!
And with all we have been through in the past year it is a huge breath of fresh air!!! He was so happy and giddy this morning to get in there and do exactly what he loves and has been wanting to do for a year!! I am going to pick up a special dinner and a special bottle of brown liquor {his fave!} for him and let him sit down and tell me all about it! :)
I love you, honey and I am so proud of you!!


And thank you God, for blessing him with this opportunity!!

Have a great evening, ladies!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New York, Canada, and a Wedding!!

 So on a much happier note/post I got lots of delightful pictures from our interesting little adventure up north!

I didn't get any pictures from our first me a we will start with our hike to Canada!

First we stopped in Buffalo at The Anchor Bar, the home of the original buffalo wing! And letmejusttellyou, they were goo-ood! Trey was in heaven! It was a really cool bar, big motorcycles hanging from the ceiling, license plates, signed pictures, all kinds of fun stuff!

Here is us in front
 at the bar
 Happy Hubby!
{Got the hottest ones and finished every bit!...I went with medium....}
 kiss and thank you!
 Arin loves her Uncle Frankie!

Now, please note in between these two pictures is when we got in a wreck on the way and sat on the side of the road for 2 that margarita in my hand & jack and diet in the hubs are VERY much needed. You say you missed that lovely story, oh please see here.

With my bro and and wife at dinner in Niagara Falls, Canada
 he loves me. :)
 fun with my new iPhone app.....
{yes, I got the new one and I LOOOOOVE it. I had the original one, so this one is waaaaaaaaaaay better! :)}
 view from breakfast at our hotel...awesome!
 on the way to tour the falls, these are the small first ones
 on the Maid of the Mist going into the was sooooo awesome! trey being uber fashionable in our lovely raincoats! :)
 the bigs falls! we got right in there, so close, sat there for a while and got soaked!
 lottsa mist!
 frankie likey!
 again, please read here if you didn't read the back details of this stuck in the elevator
 got back to rochester for the wedding, here is a little bit of our fam.....we are huge!
 me and my beautiful gram!!!
 the bride in the middle and the October bride on the right!
 my sexy man!
cocktail hour at the reception
at the wedding with the happy couple....gawgeous dress!
they h ad a photo booth with TONS of props, I my niece, Arin had a blast with them!
 my parents rock!
 we liked the favors! :)
 dancin' with my hubby!
 me and my mama!! she so pretty!
my sweet sweet cousin, who I never see enough!
and the final pic of the trip.....a pic of the free booze on the plane....again, read here.

So, those are our pics! As you can imagine I have about 40 more....but I thought I wouldn't bore you to death! :)

Happy Thursday!!