Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

Hello Blogging World....look at me! 2 posts in 2 days, yay me! :) Well it is Tuesday and I haven't played along in a while and I loved Taylor's topic, so I figured I would play along!!! So here we go.....

Okay, so I am a total reality show junkie....not so much the games and competitions, the ones where they follow people around and make them feel like celebrities when in all reality the only reason they are on the show is because of massive amounts of drama in their lives. Yes, I am that girl who is the reason that shows like ALL of The Real Housewives {luuuuuurve them all!!}, The Hills, Jerseylicious, Jersey Shore, Tori and Dean, and many other mind numbing shows are ridiculously popular! My hubs continues to tell me how awful my TV taste is, I respond with a smile and a nod.....I know how terrible it all is, but it is a train wreck and I can't stop tuning in!!

That all being said, if I had the opportunity to be on a TV show it would not be any of the said shows {except maybe Tori and Dean, only because I would looooove helping her plan all the parties she plans all the time!} because it would just be embarrassing. I have always said if I could be on one it would be......

Yes, The Donald is a total douche bag most of the time., but I would like that you have to actually work hard and do crazy projects and meet all kinds of people, all in NYC and THEN you win a job working for non other than Donald Trump! I just think it would be a great opportunity and you could so much with it! So much more than winning "The Gauntlet" or something else in a similar classy setting!

My 2nd choice would be......

I mean, I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.....traveling, with my hubs {preferably}, or a friend, or a family member....around the country.....seeing and doing the most AMAZING things {hence the name...}....getting closer.....and winning a prize in the end would be a bonus!!!
        So, those are my picks in a long, drawn-out explanation......but it's my blog and I do what I want!!!

                                                                                      Happy Tuesday, Peeps!!!

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