Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Okay, I have been totally MIA this week and will probably continue to do so the rest of the week.......seeing as how my BFF, Katie P! comes in town tomorrow {WOOOOOOHOOOO} 

and we have nothing to do but lay by the pool {although the forecast is not looking to good for tomorrow...}
and just to show you how much I lurve this chickadee, here are some pics of the last time we were together.....

buying New Years Gear....KatieP! on the left, me on the right....goooood times!

Anywho, we have lots of fun things to do and "Great Gatsby - all white" Themed Birthday Party to attend on Saturday so I will have tons'o'pics for you next week!! Aaaaaand, I start work on Monday! Eeeeeks, nervous, excited, stress....but we won't think about that today. Tomorrow is another day!! 

So, in the mean time....I will leave you with this fabulous little clip from Saturday Night Live....the hubs and I saw it a while back and thought it was hysterical.....and every time I watch it I laugh louder.....all you southern ladies will appreciate it!


Have a great week!!



Will and Carley said...

Holy Cow. WE LOVE this skit. I refuse to delete his episode from the DVR! Good Luck with the new job! And remember, reach for the stars, because stars don't have arms to reach for you.

Katie said...

omgoodness. that was the FUNNIEST thing ever! this southern girl DEFINATELY appreciated it, hahahahahaha.

have SO much fun with your bff, i was katie p before i got married!!! :) a lot of my friends called me that.

enjoy your bff time chickadee!!!