Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Delayed Weekend Re-Cap

Happy Wednesday Folks....or should I say my Monday?....
Yes, today is the start to my 3 day work week...which is good and bad. You see, I took off Monday due to the wedding craziness this weekend {in hospitality world you don't get days like Memorial Day have to take them....another lovely reason I am beyond excited to only have only a few more days in it! :)}. Sadly, it wasn't a chill relax day :(.

The hubs and I woke up Monday morning and decided to head to Cookevegas to see his parents since I had the day off {we have not been in a while and thought it would be a nice surprise}, so we hop in the car with pups and start heading East. We get there and they are so excited, his mom puts a ham in the oven for us for dinner and then we head to lunch. We have a delightful lunch and then we get back to their house and suddenly everything wasn't so delightful. Something somewhere along the line did not settle and I was sick to my stomach, horribly sick, and it just kept getting worse. I napped, I took a bunch of pepto, some carbonation, and nothing.....The last thing I wanted to do was get into the car for an hour long trip...but we did, with stops along the way {maybe tmi...}, I got home and crashed and continued to be sick for the next 2, no fun, no fun atall!!! So I proceeded to stay in bed until yesterday evening where I got up long enough to make it to the couch. Lovely Memorial Day right? Boo to food poisoning!

Anywho, before all the funky sickness we had a splendid weekend full of weddings and sun bathing....because yes, our lovely pool is open......
yay!!!!! I will be doing a whole lot of this from now on!!!

Saturday was our first wedding at Belle Meade Plantation for a friend of mine from college. It was b-e-a-utiful!! The weather was perfect {which is good seeing as how the the ceremony and parts of the reception were outside!}! Ashley has been planning this  for over a year and you could definitely tell! It was so beautiful, so put together, so many details, and SO much fun!!! I didn't get a whole lotta pictures because we were having so much fun, but here are a few....

Her colors were black, white, green, and pink - which was awwwesome, btw! Her pictures were done my Myric Studios, so I highly recommend you checking them out when they are posted....they were fantastic!

But here are my not so great pictures....

Cocktail hour...
Stupid Camera.....
 Me and my BFF
 She had these little "F" pillows all over the couches throughout the carriage house
 the AWESOME cake!!! I mean, wow.....I never really wanted an extravagant cake....didn't really see the need...until I saw this cake....I mean how great would that have been with green on it for me?!?! Right!??! Gorgeous!! And it was yuuuuummy too!!!
 With the beautiful bride!
 we enjoyed ourselves!
 First Dance
 Then right before we left for wedding numero dos on Sunday, I went to let Miss Maylie in.....and this is where I found her, too cute!!
 The second wedding was the wedding of some good friends of ours who actually got married in Santorini, Greece 2 weeks ago! And lemme tell you those pictures are UH-MAZ-ING!! Such a gorgeous place and such a gorgeous couple! They had a small reception in their backyard in Franklin for their close friends and family. it was such a fun time and scrumptious food! I love love love greek food and they had all kinds of it in honor of the bride! Sadly, I didn't get too many pictures because my lovely camera died...but here are a few:

The gorgeous bride in dress number one, she put on her "party dress" later on....and it was a hot little one strap white number from Cache' and she looked awesome!!
 Me and the hubs!
 little close up
 They passed out shots of Ouzo to cheers before we did the traditional Greek wedding dance {which we all proceeded to do about 3 times}......and for those of you who have never tried Ouzo, wow. That is all I have to say, wow.
 So, put aside the way the weekend ended it was an awesome wedding weekend!! I am so excited for all of my friends and their new marriages and that we got to be a part of their special day!!!


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